On behalf of Dark Horse, we at Comics Bulletin are proud to bring you the exclusive announcement of Scott Kolins’ 5 issue miniseries, Adam.3. It’s a fantastic new creator owned book about a powerful Tarzan-esque Adonis of a man who lives on a mysterious island that is populated by a menagerie of animals from around the world.  We don’t know where they are, and we don’t know why they’re there.  All we know is this: a monster has crash landed on the island, and things are going south.  Fast:



Inspired by concepts like Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, Kolins hopes to use Adam.3 to reinvigorate comics and bring some punch back to a medium where mainstream books drag out a single concept for years at a time.  Although he’s primarily known for his illustrative work on a run of The Flash, Kolins is doing the writing, art, and colors for Adam.3— a feat nearly unheard of nowadays for a monthly book.  In his words, this book is his “dream project.”



Not only is Adam.3 ambitious and beautiful— it is revolutionary as well.  The entire book is produced in landscape format, which Kolins chose to accommodate the possibility of a paperless feature for comics.  When you pick up Adam.3 digitally, guided reading mode won’t have to make erratic moves from panel to panel; you’ll simply swipe from one page to the next.  Did I mention this book is beautiful?



A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to Scott Kolins in depth about Adam.3.  He’s done some fantastic work on this series, so check it out when it hits store shelves this August!

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