The New Hotness is canceled until further notice.

After quietly placing it on hiatus a few weeks back, some consideration has suggested it should stay that way. Regrettably, what once was new has become old, as there’s only so many times I can shout from the rooftops about the wares of Bendis, Vaughan, Priest, and the rest of my usual suspects. If anything, the year-long feature is proof that I’m supporting a diminishing number of bad books, and forward progression is never a bad thing. However, the time has come to put things to bed, and barring a somewhat bastardized appearance next week, the New Hotness is no more.

The whole thing is really Gail Simone’s fault anyway.

Last year, Ms. Simone (buy Birds of Prey!!) was helping me brainstorm ideas for year two of the column, and suggested writing capsule reviews every week, so the feature’s inclusion can really be attributed (or blamed, whichever term you prefer) on her. The notion combined with an awful excuse for a section of recommendations that I ran a couple times back in the day, that included whatever music, movies, or comics I was feelin’ during any given week. It was called Ambidextrous Approves

Yes, yes, that’s very stupid. I’m aware of this. Stop laughing.

Anyway, Gail hit me with this really wonderful idea, and I draft a couple entries to see how they feel. They’re definitely raw, but there’s something about the whole thing that works, and the next step involved getting a scanner up and running, because I had reviewed things before without visual aid, and my index hated me for it.

At this point, the only thing necessary was a name, preferably something with a little flava, considering that I’d already decided to name a couple of upcoming columns after hip-hop albums. Everyone else has their best of the week, their picks to click and what have you, but I needed something different. As usual, when I’m stuck for a title, I consult one of my roommates, because…honestly? They’re funnier and far cleverer than I. Over an IM connection, we’re throwing names both and forth, some too much and others not enough, when it happens.

He says, “You know what man? You should call it the New Hotness.”


The term actually comes from Men in Black II, whose trailer was on heavy rotation in my apartment at the time, and sadly ended up being one of the lonely funny bits in the whole movie. But that’s hardly the point. I took the name and ran with it, using the feature to pimp works most deserving, and as a convenient excuse for boosting the word count on the processor. Considering that since my birthday back in January, I’ve been working on some script, plot revision, or pitch of some sort, it became valuable on those weeks when I was either too busy or too stupid to think of something that would easily propel me past 1,000 words. There are all of these things I’ve been keeping a secret, and the
New Hotness always helped when they were monopolizing my time, however deserving.

Now, it’s time to find another excuse, and how this relates to you is pretty simple…I would very much like for you to help.

What I’m looking for is something to run on a semi-regular basis, space and attention span permitting, that will allow for another layer on the column. There are really no requirements, save that the section is positive in form and function. As a reader, controlling the fate of internet columnists everywhere, what’s something you’ve been waiting to see? What stroke of genius do you possess that you’re willing to let me do beautiful things to?

I am not above a bit of bribery to accomplish this task either.

Not only will you receive recognition as some kind of creative genius, but you’ll nab a free, signed copy of Youngblood: Genesis, which features a scripting job from yours truly, over a Kurt Busiek plot. If possible, I’ll throw in a copy of Youngblood: Bloodsport too. All it requires is one good idea.

Send an e-mail, post on a board, and help me add the final icing on the cake of Ambidextrous Year Three. Thank you kindly.


Just for fun, I went back and counted which creators scored the most appearances in the New Hotness, and according to simple numbers, my favorite writers are Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Joe Casey, Brian Vaughan, Priest, and Warren Ellis. Sounds about right I think.

By the way, hopefully I can pin Mark Millar down for that interview I’ve been promising, and have the opportunity to re-interview Joe Casey, as the original piece with him never appeared here, and Robert Morales might be showing up too. And a couple other surprise guests.

Next week, I’ll run my very own San Diego convention survival guide that will likely include the panels I’m hoping to visit, what I’m bringing with me, and the back issues
I think you should get on your knees to find. Oh, and if I have my way, Ambi. will be broadcasting daily from the con floor. What better way to celebrate my third anniversary than by creating more work for myself?

Back in seven…

Last thing, I was interviewed by Newsarama last week as part of a three-way Youngblood feature. And yes, I find the prospect of doing any sort of interview as very bizarre and surreal, but give it a look if you’re able. Perhaps I made a fool of myself. 😉



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