:Last week’s column about comics pseudonyms prompted a variety of emails…

Interesting collection of pseudonyms, Bob, but when and where did Kanigher ever write under the “David Lawrence” name? And why credit me with the work of “Noel Na?ve” rather than Joey Cavalieri? Regards,
— Robin Snyder (rscomics@aol.com)

As I mentioned in the column, most of the names on the list came from Rich Morrissey and Tom Orzechowski.. I’ll have to invite whichever of them came up with the David Lawrence – Bob Kanigher link to give us some back-up info.

As for the Noel Na?ve pseudonym, you’d certainly be the one to know it wasn’t yours, Robin. So, unless we hear from Joey denying custody as well, we’ll credit him with its use.

I always suspected that the woman writing the letter columns for JONAH HEX back in the late 1970s was Jenette Kahn — but now you have shot down my theory. I no longer have any of my old JONAH HEX issues, but I still remember one response to a letter that bothered me.
The letter writer wanted to have Jonah get married or wanted to know something about Jonah’s wife (I don’t exactly recall), and “Nellie Rooke” responded by asking the letter writer if he (or she) could imagine waking up and having to look at Jonah’s hideously scarred face across the breakfast table every morning. Nellie then informed all of us JONAH HEX readers that being able to stomach looking at your partner across the table is what love is all about.
Ms. Rooke’s comment did not come off as facetious (if that was the intent). Rather, I took her to be a shallow-minded person who believed that good looks are the basis of healthy relationships. For nearly 25 years now I have assumed that Jenette Kahn was that shallow person. It’s odd what little details stick with a person over time. I don’t recall a lot from the 1970s (being just a teenage kid at the time), but the shallowness of that answer has stuck in my head for nearly a quarter (or at least a fifth) of a century.
— Thom Young (thomyoung@earthlink.net)

I don’t recall that particular column, but I suspect it was Nellie’s attempt at humor. And, for the record, Nellie Rooke was definitely not DC President Jenette Kahn.

When and where did you use the Boris Zabok pseudonym, Bob?
— Howard Margolin (Doctor OHM@aol.com)

In DETECTICE COMICS #483, as the colorist of “Terminus” which was the last Robin story I wrote. Boris also made a couple of contributions to McCALL’S magazine, where an old college friend was an editor at the time.

More psuper-pseudonyms: Ever seen a complete list of all of the Crusty Bunkers? I’ve seen various members named for specific projects, but never a comprehensive list.
— Raymond Neal (raymondneal@yahoo.com)

That’s a tough one, Raymond, since the Bunkers were composed of any and all artists who happened to be around when Neal Adams and Dick Giordano ran Continuity Studios together back in the 1970s. Among those I’m pretty sure were part of the list: Terry Austin, Bob Wiacek, and Michael Nasser (now Michael Netzer). Anybody out there who can help with this one?

1. Name the character who plays a large part in the goings-on in Tinytown?
2. Lots of the DC Direct props and toys were designed by their art director; who is he?
3. Serpent Society member Rachel Leighton was better known by what name?
4. To help Robin break up MAZE, Duela Dent took on what guise?
5. Roger Hayden remembers the Crisis; what name do we remember HIM by?
6. Invisible baseball players and a Viking Prince were among those found in what book?
7. KAST-TV broadcasts from what metropolis?
8. Even marrying Lucy Lane seemed more likely than Jimmy Olsen’s promotion from what job at the Planet?
9. For what city’s police force did William Henderson work?
10. Olympic wrestler and circus daredevil who were Challengers of the Unknown; name them.
11. Remember GUNSMOKE’s Marshall Dillon? Where was he the law?
12. Clad in a tuxedo, who has most often hosted the Masquerade at the San Diego Comic Convention?
13. Egad! What are the initials of the guy who writes “But I Digress”?
14. Krypton’s doom was foretold when who played Jor-El in SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE?
15. “Seduction of the Innocent” included “How to Prepare an Alibi” from what 1949 D.S. Publishing title?

1. The U.S. Mint was established in Philadelphia in 1792.
2. Denver’s City Park Zoo, completed in 1915, was the first barless zoo built.
3. Chicago Cubs pitcher Charles Root was victim to Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot” home run in the 1932 World Series.


Okay, I don’t actually have a question, but rather a response to the Thor question in last week’s column. in which you said Superman would be vulnerable to Mjolnir.

I keep having this argument with people, and I’m gonna keep yelling this until people start listening. SUPERMAN WOULDN’T BREAK A SWEAT FIGHTING THOR!

When Thor encounters an obviously-powerful foe, what is his first reaction? He throws his hammer. Superman, not wanting the hammer to ricochet and hurt an innocent bystander, would catch the sucker.

Mjolnir is enchanted. Whosoever holds that hammer, be he worthy, will posses the power of Thor. Superman just caught that hammer. Is he worthy? Dude… he’s SUPERMAN.

Now he’s got Kryptonian might AND the power of Thor. You wanna know where my money is going?
— Blake M. Petit (BlakeP_NW@hotmail.com)

Blake, your argument leaves little doubt about who you think would win the fight, given the scenario you present. But it doesn’t negate the fact that a Superman who is vulnerable to magic could be harmed if Thor just whacked him with the hammer.

Hey, Bob! When you listed the appearances of ‘Mazing Man, you left out his SECRET ORIGINS appearance!
— Jon Knutson (waffyjon@execpc.com)

Indeed I did. ‘Maze’s origin was told in a single page of SECRET ORIGINS #16, though it was really more the origin of his helmet and his name.

BobRo wrote: 1. The three largest metropolitan areas in the US – New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles – each have two baseball teams.
Thom Young’s Fun Facts to Know and Tell: All three cities have had two NFL teams and at least two MLB teams that played in the city at the same time: The NFL Giants and Jets, and the MLB Mets, Yankees, Giants, and Dodgers in New York; the NFL Bears and Cardinals, and the MLB Cubs and White Sox in Chicago; and the NFL Rams and Raiders, and the MLB Dodgers and Angels in Los Angeles. New York and Los Angeles have also had simultaneous NBA teams: the Knicks and the (ABA) Nets in New York, and the Lakers and Clippers in Los Angeles. (Los Angeles also had an ABA team that moved to Utah before the Jazz eventually moved to Utah from New Orleans.)
— Thom Young (thomyoung@earthlink.net)

And both Chicago and Los Angeles have had an NFL team move to St. Louis! This seems to be a Fun Fact that will never end!

What actress preceded Stephanie Powers when April Dancer first appeared in an episode of MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.? Mary Ann Mobley!
— Mike Kuypers (mkuypers@home.com)

Another follow-up Fun Fact to Know & Tell! Thanks, Mike.

Why not redefine The Calculator as a villain who is smart and calculating, rather than a foe who wears a big calculator on his chest. He could use high tech gizmos to commit crimes, perhaps becoming an information broker for villains. He could be the Anti-Oracle.
— Darren High (high@seark.net)

The Calculator was always smart: His modus operandi was to steal something at the time it would be most valuable. For example, if he were to steal all the Oscar statuettes, it would be moments before the ceremony, when they were virtually irreplaceable.
Turning him into an information broker for other crooks as an “anti-Oracle” could be interesting (though plenty of other characters could be used similarly), but it would first require one of DC’s editors hiring me to bring the character back.

With this, the fifty-second edition of “It’s BobRo, the Answer Man,” I’m finishing up a year here at Silver Bullet Comic Books. [Hey, time to hit up editor Jason for a raise!] Whether you’ve been with me for the duration or just recently found this site, thanks to everyone for your questions, comments, and support.

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And until next week, I am outta here……..

A little bit of stretching on the spelling, but the National League teams are here to celebrate the new baseball season.
1. Stumbo the GIANT
2. Georg BREWER
4. CARD Queen
5. Psycho-PIRATE
6. BRAVE & the Bold
7. ASTRO City
8. CUB reporter
9. METropolis
10. RED Ryan and ROCKY Davis
11. DODGE City
12. PHIL Foglio
13. PAD
14. MARLON Brando
15. EXPOSed

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