Comics Bulletin contributors Tyler Gross, Ben Wachtel and John Bender are proud to present Friendly Fire, a semiregular podcast in which they intentionally speak to one another.

Friendly Fire Episode 1.01

Accessibility of Serialized Media, Part One

Presented for your listening pleasure is the inaugural episode of Friendly Fire, a new Comics Bulletin podcast featuring Ben Wachtel, Tyler Gross and John Bender. The topic of discussion for this first installment is the accessibility of serialized media, specifically that of comic books, which are notoriously impenetrable to many newcomers.

The premise: Tyler, a regular reader of comics, has recommended four very different comics to John and Ben, both of whom are almost entirely ignorant of the medium. The conversation focuses on which aspects of the comics are immediately appealing and which elements were impenetrable or disorienting. There is also some discussion of the popularity of shirtless boxing between consenting adult males in the 1960s.

Listen at the player thingie below, or click here to download.

The comics:

Superman #164 (1963)

Writer: Edmund Hamilton

Artist: Curt Swan

(discussion begins at 2:14)


Friendly Fire Accessibility Superman 164 Lex Luthor Curt Swan


Daredevil #229 (1986)

Writer: Frank Miller

Artist: David Mazzucchelli

(discussion begins at 26:24)


Daredevil Frank Miller 229 Pariah


We3 #2 (2004)

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Frank Quitely

(discussion begins at 42:35)


We3 Grant Morrison Frank Quitely Accessibility


The Sad and Lonely Life of Eddie Elephant Ears (2009)

Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire

(discussion begins at 54:40)


Essex County Jeff Lemire Eddie Elephant Ears


Our next installment will address the accessibility of serialized television shows. It will also feature older, wiser versions of its three hosts, who will surely make use of their experiences during their time off the air to gain some perspective on life and construct a richer, more wholesome experience for you, the listener. Enjoy!

John Bender is a Twitter anarchist with questionable opinions about celebrity lifestyles and the Lost finale. He edits erotic novels by day and works tirelessly by night to improve upon his personal record of 42.00 in the Mecha Marathon minigame in Mario Party 2. He also plays in Fitness.

Tyler Gross enjoys comic books, but likes to think he's a lot more handsome than that guy you're picturing in your head right now. By day, he's a college student and behavioral therapist for children with autism; by night, he writes all the jokes that end up on the insides of popsicles. You can follow him on Twitter: @Socratweets1.

Ben Wachtel likes baseball, the Boston Celtics, pancakes, tacos, and swam collegiately at Purdue University. You can follow him on Twitter at @benwachtel24.

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