This week I am on a manly vacation in the Welsh town of Brycheiniog Wales participating in an international form of mayhem called “Purring”. Don’t get the wrong idea; it has nothing to do with pussy? cats. This is a quaint little pastime of two men wearing very heavy boots, they face each other, place both hands on the other shoulders then begin kicking alternately using both feet on the other opponent’s shins. No padding is allowed and matches can go as long as three days or as short as 10 seconds. I’m in this for the long haul.

So needless to say there won’t be a regular episode of Busted Knuckles. Instead of leaving this space blank I thought I’d dig into the Flying Fist Ranch photo album and expose to you some of your favorite comic book creators before they were stars? or at least major stars. These were taken at conventions from 1984 to 2003. I’m sure most of the creators wish these photos were burnt up in that office fire I had a few years back. Well? too bad.

Here they are. I’ll see you next week with a new Busted Knuckles with all your favorite features. Enjoy!

Frank Miller Gives Bob Kane, Creator of Batman? The Finger And I Don’t Mean Bill Finger.

The Terror Twins: Beau Smith and Dan Brereton (The Black Terror & Nocturnals)

Dangerous Dan Fraga

The Hair Club For Men: John Totelben, Steve Bissette and Chuck Dixon.

Tim Truman, The Blood-Thristy Liberal

There Is No “I” In Team: Rob Liefeld & Beau

Beau & Eddie Berganza In The DC Offices. (I stole their paper clips and Lois Lane’s Virginity!)

Scot Eaton: You May Know Him As The Juggernaut

Two Real Talents and Beau: Joyce Chin (Wynonna Earp), Beau, and Art Adams

Flint Henry (GrimJack) and My Sister? Oh The Humanity? Or Lack Of It.

Two Guys That Talk Funny: Beau and Sergio Aragones

The Real Big Two: Bob Wayne And Beau

West Coast vs East Coast: Danny Miki and Beau

Best Frenz? Ron Frenz and Beau

The Phantom Isn’t The Only Guy To Wear Purple Underwear. So Does Graham Nolan, But Not Commando Beau.

Kurt Busiek and His Much Better Half, Ann.

Batman and Robin Or Tom Lyle and Chuck Dixon?

“That’s It, Frenchie, Draw Me A Cowboy!”
Beau and the Legendary Jean Giraud/Moebius. He was kind enough to draw a wonderful sketch in my Blueberry book.

Conan Meets Beau LaDuke: Gary Kwapisz & Chuck Dixon-Savage Sword Of Conan, Beau Smith & Todd Fox-Beau LaDuke-Real Man

“We Look Good In Suits? Lawsuits.” Beau, Todd McFarlane and Terry Fitzgerald

The Roundup

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed this look into my personal photo album. For lots more check my photo section on my website

Now if you’ll pardon me I’ve gotta piss on the the fire because this party is over.

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