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This week’s panel is a little different because there is not one… have I gone mad you ask? Well no I haven’t, BUT I have been very busy this week filming on location and too darn busy to post the panel… for that I am sorry… Why am I so busy? As well as the filming all this week, in the UK this weekend we have a comic expo of sorts called the UK Web Comix Thing and I will attending… so in the spirit of SBC’s The Panel I spoke to The Thing and asked why YOU should turn up in North London for the show…

Basically this event is a celebration and a coming together of UK independents, small press and web comics, and was bloody good fun last year. Check out http://www.ukwebcomixthing.co.uk for more information. The doors open at 10am this Saturday 11th March.

Who are you?

I am the Thing, the spirit of comic based creativity

What got you interested in comics?

I got interested in comics because they struck me as a great way to apply my own personal talents for drawing. Drawing at A3 as I started out doing is inherently satisfying, even if the finished product is rubbish. I think its all the construction lines that do it, really make you feel like your doing something worthwhile. Not a replacement for a girlfriend, but still pretty satisfying if your dying of boredom.

What is the web commix thing?

The Thing is a showcase for people involved in making web and mini comics. The idea is that people that have an interest in reading or creating comic art can find a great source of material to ponder on, like minded people to meet and so much more. Its also about being in a room where reading comics is not odd, where people know what your talking about.

Why run this type of event?

Mainly because there is a huge base of people out there spending all their time drawing and never going out. After looking at what they were doing in the US at shows like MOCCA and SPX I felt it was time that we had something in the UK of a similar nature. The Thing gives people the chance to do what they are already doing, exposing themselves to the world through the web, only for real. Hopefully it will make people realise their potential, but it will also help to deter people from wasting their life. I see it as an oracle.

What should people expect from this event?

People should expect lots of creators. That’s my main goal, to have a room full of great creators. I view this show from the visitors’ perspective and I think what they expect are loads of tables brimming with comics. All the other stuff like the anthology and the panels are nice, but they are not core to what people get. They should expect to not only see loads of material, but also see stuff they like, stuff they want to buy and to even get a chance to meet the creators. In many instances meeting the creators can change everything about how you view a person’s work, for good and for worse. People should also expect a fun day out.

Portent Comics will be there selling our new titles, along with Roger Langridge, Blink Twice, Pulp Theatre Entertainment, Small Zone, Engine Comics, The Tozzer Crew, Mamtor Publishing, Moonface Press, Underfire Comics, Gosh! Comics and Gary Spencer Millidge!

It should be a great show and well worth going to, your chance to look at the future of UK Comics NOW, and also meet a few members of SBC’s The Panel who are attending!

The Thing is also known as Patrick Findlay… goto http://www.ukwebcomixthing.co.uk for more info and see you Saturday!

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– James

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