It’s been proven in the past that most of you that read Busted Knuckles are movie fans. From the high-brow stuff to the B-Movie crowd, everybody meets here. This week I thought I would pass on some information to you that you might just find of interest.

Right here in Ceredo , West Virginia and my hometown of Huntington, they are making a movie. Not just a local thing, but an A-list movie. One with big stars and a story based on a true, tragic, yet uplifting event. The name of that movie is WE ARE? MARSHALL.

On November 14, 1970, Marshall University and the entire community of Huntington, West Virginia, experienced the greatest air tragedy in the history of collegiate athletics. Seventy-five members of the Marshall football team, coaches, university staff, community members, and crew members died in the crash.

Fairfield Stadium, Former Home Of The Thundering Herd

Now, more than 35 years later, Warner Bros. and Thunder Road Pictures will produce a feature film about the crash and Marshall’s struggle to field a team in the ensuing years. The film is being shot here in Ceredo and Huntington, West Virginia where the events took place. It will also be shot in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

The film has an A-list cast. Matthew McConaughey will play Jack Lengyel who took the coaching job after to the crash to try and rebuild the football program from less than scratch. Matthew Fox, star of the TV series LOST, will play assistant coach “Red” Dawson who missed the tragic flight back to do recruiting. Acting as the President of Marshall University will be Oscar nominee David Strathairn. Others signed on for major roles are Kimberly Williams Paisley, Anthony Mackie, Ian McShane and Kate Mara. The film is being directred by Joseph McGinty Nichol who goes by the name “McG”. He directed the film Charlie’s Angels as well as a bunch of music videos.

Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey In A Scene from We Are… Marshall

They’ve been filming just down the road from The Flying Fist Ranch as well as at my alma mater Marshall University where I misspent my youth from 1974 through 1978. The horrible plane crash happened in 1970 when I was in Jr.High. It was a terrible time and truly made an impact on this community. The county still feels it so many years later. The film is going to start with the crash and tell the story of how the community and the football program were saved and how the rebuilding of “The Young Thundering Herd” helped in the healing of that awful loss of lives. Many of the parents of my friends were on that plane as was my family doctor. Our doctor was a friend of my mom’s that she went through high school with.

Matthew Fox-“Red” Dawson-Jack Lengyel-Matthew McConaughey

The rebuilding of Marshall was a very tough time. For many years we felt the growing pains. Thanks to a very strong community and a lot of very good people, Marshall was able to rise from the ashes and become not only healthy, but national champions dominating in the MAC conference all through the 90s. Marshall has now joined Conference USA.

You’ve heard me mention my best buddy Ray Crabtree here in Busted Knuckles many times telling of our escapades and deeds of manly action and adventure. Well, Crab was a four-year starter at Marshall on a football scholarship from 1974-78 playing defensive end/linebacker. Crab was All State at Huntington High School where we attended. Crab played under Coach Lengyel his freshman year. After Lengyel left the post was taken over by Frank Elwood. It was quite a thrill back then to see Crab suit up and play for Marshall. He has always been proud to be a member of The Thundering Herd and be a part of that rebuilding. Trust me, victories were few and far between in those rebuilding years. Crab’s son, Clay is almost 16 years old. When Clay was born Crab gave him the name Clayton Marshall Crabtree. Clay is already bigger than Crab was at 16. Although he doesn’t play football he has found greater success at baseball and basketball. Crab played basketball in high school, but his football and wrestling talents still haunted him on the court. The basketball coach called him “The Strangler”. Manly habits are hard to break.

Ray “Crab” Crabtree, 1974

The movie is supposed to come out this winter. I hope that you go see it and I hope you enjoy it. My hopes that Warner Brothers will treat the tragic event of the Marshall Plane crash with dignity and honor. It has all the marking of being a truly entertaining and uplifting movie. For a more local slant on the happenings of the movie, We Are? Marshall, please check out the website to The Herald Dispatch, our local newspaper (my daughter-in-law, Andrea, is the features editor there) at Not only will you be able to keep up with the filming,but you’ll also get to see when my manly activities land me in the Police blotter.

The Marshall University Football Team 1970

Busted Knuckles Question Of The Week

I read most of the comic book related print and online magazines/sites. At least I skim through em’. After all, there are a lot of em’. Something came to mind the other day when I read a few interviews with comic book creators. I noticed that rarely does the comic book creator get asked about how they write or draw. Most of the questions tend to be asking what is “Big Green Guy” going to do about “Bigger Yellow Flying Guy” when they reach the planet “Don’t Care”?

Most of the continuity and story line stuff is covered more than enough with solicitations and on the publisher sites. Yes, I think the content of the book should be covered, but rarely is the craft of creating ever covered with much depth. If they’re gonna talk about “Big Yellow Flying Guy” then I’d like to know how the writer or artist wraps their head and fingers around that character.

This even happens in the rare times that editors are interviewed. We don’t get enough questions of how they go about hiring creators, what they look for in a creator for a certain character book, what they look for in a pitch, how they feel about creator owned books and even the question of “What is your job really about?”

These are the kinda things I’d like to see asked. My question to you is? what kind of questions would you like to see asked in interviews?

Email em’ in. Post em’. Let’s here what you have to say.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Mia St. John
– boxer and model

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful woman that can break your heart? and your jaw. Mia St.John IS that woman. This raven-haired beauty can knock me to the canvas any time. Some folks think women fighting is wrong. I disagree? as long as they look like this.

Busted Knuckles Manly Comic Book Cover Of The Week

Explorer Joe
Winter 1951, Ziff-Davis

Once again Ziff-Davis comes through with yet another Manly Painted Cover. They were always putting out great manly covers in the 1940s and 50s. Explorer Joe is one of the better ones. Just check out the action as some headhunters try and add Explorer Joe and his babe to the wall of their hut. That’s not gonna happen if Joe’s pistol has anything to say about it. It was heroes like Explorer Joe that made kids wanna chuck their Davy Crockett coonskin hats for a pith helmet.

Make sure you stop by my good friend Chuck Dixon’s website and see what so-called manly cover he has tried to out do me with. You can find it on his message board at Laugh at him and tell him Beau sent ya.

Busted Knuckles Movie Extra

As most of you Knuckleheads know, I would stab you in the eye with a number 2 pencil to get with actress Rhona Mitra. I was sent this photo by Knucklehead Rob Green in Los Angeles this week and I had to share it with you. This is a shot of Rhona from her upcoming movie SKINWALKERS. It’s an action packed horror werewolf movie. Werewolves are cool and all, but give me a babe with a gun and that kinda look in her eye every time.

Enjoy. I did.

Appointment With Danger

That about wraps it up for this week. I hope you make it an appointment to be here next week when once again we will talk of things others are too weak, meek and mealy-mouthed to speak of. We will share words of iron and compare tall tales. You will buy the beer and I will drink it. We will eyeball pretty women and have them swoon from our manly glances.

It will be good.

See ya in 7.

Your amigo,

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