Snow Job
A while back I was complaining about this being a mild winter here in the mountains of West Virginia. Those days are over. In the last two weeks we’ve had below normal temps and there is still snow on the ground. Nothing like my buddy, Rex Morgan and Phantom artist, Graham Nolan is having in western New York state, but enough to make me happy.

Every day I can take the dogs out and let em’ run loose and kick up snow. Blue and Chubb chase pretty much anything that moves as well as each other. They never finish without leaving their host Mother Nature a little reminder of them being there. They usually deposit their own little homemade treat known as “Yard Fudge”. Watch where you step when you’re in my neck of the woods.

Beaunook of the Semi-South

Part of the beauty of living in West Virginia is that you get all four seasons pretty equal. Just when you get tired of one the next one comes rolling in and you can enjoy the fun the new season brings. There are lots of outdoor activities to be had here in West Virginia. We’re a noted for skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hunting, hiking, water sports, white water rafting, mountain biking, and boating. It’s a great state to live in if you’re a freelancer and don’t have to depend on the state for a job. Housing is cheap and crime is very low. You can own a few acres and a four-bedroom house here for right around $120,000 where in another state you’d be looking at close to a million dollars.

I’ve been lucky to travel all around the country and even a couple of foreign countries, but I always love living here. This has been my home all my life and in many ways it always will be no matter where I go. If I had one complaint it’d be that there aren’t enough new and used books stores. With the internet I know that I can get most anything I’d want, but as any book lover will tell you, there’s nothing like spending a day among the stacks of a good used book store.

Chubb and Blue Welcome Winter

Hmmmmm? maybe that’ll be my next job? Opening a used bookstore. Ya never know.

This Book’s On Fire

I’ve always been fascinated with certain kinds of animals and creatures. Armadillos, mules, badgers, wolverines and gila monsters. Well, there’s a new book out that caught my manly interest because of the mention of gila monsters. That book is Heir To Fire by Rob Worley and Mike Dubisch. It’s published by Actionopolis Books:

Heir To Fire is a great little hardcover book that’s filled with action, prose and chapter illustrations that let you know that the picture in your head is on the right path. The book is about Ryan Morales. Ryan doesn’t fit in, and even his friends let him know it. Then a mysterious crater appears in the desert, opening a portal to a lost city and shaking Ryan’s whole life up in a big way. But Gila Monsters on the march and sinister changes in the town of Gila Flats are only the beginning, as Ryan learns that he’s not simply a misfit, but something more? the Heir To Fire!

Actionopolis is published by Komikwerks and is pretty much an all ages kinda book. This very cool hardcover sells for $12.95 and is a manly recommendation of Busted Knuckles.


Shooting Star Comics is known for their willingness to venture into genres where less manly publishers fear to tread. They prove this once again with the new release of Aym Geronimo And The Post Modern Pioneers.

Aym Geronimo is written by John Morgan Neal and Todd Fox with art also by Todd Fox. This is a big budget action thriller type of movie put to print. This is one of those pulp-like stories with characters that all have nicknames and special talents. Modern twist of a Doc Savage type of adventure. The main character is Aym Geronimo who is a brilliant, resourceful, explorer and extreme adventurer. Her team of Postmodern Pioneers are out to stop an incredible thief named Coyote, who has stolen an experimental and highly dangerous device before things hit the fan and spray all over everyone.

The dialogue is fast, smart and witty with just the right amount of text to keep you informed and not weigh you down. Todd Fox’s art is very stylized with cinematic action. I know of Todd’s art first hand because I was lucky enough to work with him in the late 80s on my Beau LaDuke Real-Man stories for Eclipse Comics. There are few that can top Todd when it comes to laying out fight and action scenes. He truly sees things through the eye of the camera.

Todd works in heavy blacks and again in a stylized form when it comes to figures and characters. There aren’t the “pretty faces” that you’re used to from the Michael Turner and Marc Silvestri styles. Aym Geronimo and the other characters, good and evil, are of a more harsh and rougher style. You can easily see that Alex Toth and Frank Robbins are influences with Todd’s art style.

My only complaint on this book is from a marketing/publishing end. The inside front and back covers are blank. Publishing 101 tells you to fill up that valuable space with ads or extra features to hook the reader more.

Aym Geronimo is a character that you will never tire of. Her adventures are fast paced and there are always new layers unfolding for you. You can find Aym Geronimo at your better comic shops and through Or you can contact It has a cover price of $2.99 and is a Busted Knuckles manly recommendation.

Comic Books To Show Off

Recently my amigo and sometimes co-writer, Chuck Dixon, tipped me off to a wonderful device to store and protect comic books. It’s called the Sterilite Show Off. This is the large one that also can accommodate hanging files. This plastic container is perfect to put your comic books in.

It will hold Golden Age comics laying flat with bags and boards. If Silver Age and modern comics are what you’re looking to store, then you can stand those upright in this container with bags and boards. The container has two latches on each side of the lid as well as a rubberized hand to carry it with manly ease. The Sterilite Show Off doesn’t have that crummy cardboard smell that standard long boxes tend to get with age. The containers will also stack neatly on top of each other.

You can order them directly from the Sterilite website or do like Chuck and I do, go to your local Wal- Mart and get em’ for right around $4.00. I got mine on sale there for $3.80 recently. When you write as many columns and comics as I do, there are times when you need those reference comics within arm’s reach. I’ve got mine stacked right here in the office and easy to get to. The Sterilite Show Off is a manly Busted Knuckles recommendation.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Pat Priest
– actress / model

This week we present a “Classic” Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week. You know her best from the 1960s hit TV show The Munsters, she’s the blonde bombshell Pat Priest.

Pat Priest was the poster girl of the wholesome, blonde in a bikini of the 1960s. She was a younger Doris Day with even more curves. Pat was a staple of 60s and 70s TV. Whenever they needed a beautiful blonde as the love interest for a TV show’s star lead, Pat was there to nicely fill the bill and the tight skirt. You’ll see her in shows like Perry Mason, Mission Impossible, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Mannix and many more.

In the Elvis movie Easy Come, Easy Go, Pat played the on screen girlfriend of Elvis. After the filming Elvis gave Pat a black convertible. Southern guys always have the best manners. One of the roles she is also best known for is from the best worst movie ever made, The Incredible Two Headed Transplant. So very bad, and yet so very funny. I saw this film at the drive-in in 1971 as a 10th grader. We knew it was bad then and howled at this low budget horror movie. The film also starred Bruce Dern and Casey Kasem. I’m sure this is a film they would all like to forget they made. The music in the movie is VERY 60s and a scream by itself. The best part of the film is Pat running around in a bikini and high heels. The Incredible Two Headed Transplant is now out on DVD as a double feature with The Thing With Two Heads starring Rosey Grier and Ray Milland. It’s also a too funny for words.

You might see Pat at some of the comic book and Chiller conventions around the country. She appears at a lot of them and you’ll find that she is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

The Man Of Bronze: Doc Savage #1
Curtis Magazine/Marvel Comics 1975, cover by Roger Kastel

I will never forget the excitement of hearing that there was going to be a Doc Savage movie. I remember thinking that TV’s Tarzan, Ron Ely, would make a great Doc Savage. I was right. I was one of the first in my neighborhood to go see the movie when it hit town.

I enjoyed the movie, but have to admit I was a little disappointed at the casting for Doc’s team, especially the choice of Michael Miller as “Monk”. Miller was overweight and way too old to play Monk. The only thing Miller had in common with Monk was that he was short. The rest of the team was cast okay, but could’ve been much better. Ron Ely was great in this movie and really looked the part of Doc Savage. I wonder if this is on DVD?

The Doc Savage magazine was a real treat. It had interior art by the legendary John Buscema and Tony DeZuniga. The story is filled with action and great weapons and machines. There is also a nice section on the film with interviews and photos. This is something you should check your local comic shops and Ebay for.

Make sure you stop by Chuck Dixon’s website to see his puny human attempt to out man my cover. You’ll find Chuck skulking around on his message board at

The Roundup

Thanks for stopping by for another episode of Busted Knuckles. I hope that you found something to entertain or inform you during your visit. In the next couple of weeks I’ll have a few announcements that are pretty exciting. So, ya better come back so you won’t miss out.

I wanna thank Robbie Garza from Los Angeles for sending the box of manly B-Movie action DVDs. I’ve already gone through a couple of them and have been highly entertained. Bloodfist VIII: Trained To Kill with Don “The Dragon” Wilson was great. I had never seen it before and glad I didn’t miss out on it. Much thanks, Robbie. I hope you enjoy the package that I’ve sent out your way. I hope your video store continues to do well in the L.A, area.

Also big thanks to Lisa Chambers from Fort Worth, Texas for the great photo of John Wayne. It’s framed and on the wall here in the office of the Flying Fist Ranch, Lisa. By the way, that’s a great photo of you that you sent as well. I’ve always said that Texas has some of the most beautiful women.

Okay, that’s a wrap here. I’ll see all of you next week right here. Keep those emails and letter a comin’.

Your amigo,

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