I will give DC’s 1997 mega-crossover event, Genesis, some credit; if I hadn’t been searching for tie-in issues over the weekend I wouldn’t have stumbled across this great illustration by John Totleben that graces the cover of The Spectre #56. It just stopped me in my tracks. It’s breathtaking (just as a landscape), gruesome (that is one ugly face), captivating (it has a familiar quality; Ray Harryhausen would’ve had a field day with the monster design), and terrifying (how would one stop a creature like this?).

The painting has nothing to do with the story inside, which stands on its own merits (writer John Ostrander and artist Tom Mandrake created a fantastic Spectre series; I highly recommend it). You don’t really need a story for a cover like this, the image tells it all. It disturbs and unsettles, and you just can’t take your eye off it (pun intended; I need some levity here). The people on the ship are so doomed.

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