In my guise as Answer Man, I try to respond to questions about all comics, but I’ll admit to being less of an expert on Marvel books than I am on DC’s titles. So I’ve done my best with the questions below, but look to my readers to elaborate…

In what comic did Magneto take out Wolverine’s adamantium? Is there a site I can visit that would show me a picture of this event? What kind of shape was Wolvie in afterwards?
— Al (

Wolverine was not in the best of shape after the event, which took place in the early ’90s – prior to “Onslaught” — to the best of my recollection.

What was the first Spider-Man issue in which the phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility” appear?
— Jeff Leming (

As a result of the movie, most people believe that Ben Parker said it to Peter in the origin story. However, way back in 1962, Ben wasn’t around long enough to have had any long conversations with his nephew, so the origin of the line is probably elsewhere.

Was there much of a backlash among retailers in the South when the Black Panther was introduced in the FANTASTIC FOUR in the mid-1960’s??
— Robert Vesey (

Not that I recall reading about. There may have been some incidents, but they have been lost to time.

More often than not, I find myself being drawn more toward a comic company’s lesser-known and lesser-exposed character rather than the big name draws carrying the books today. (I was thrilled when Jack of Hearts started showing up in AVENGERS, for example). I’m wondering where I might find or breakdown on the chronology and appearances of the Marvel character Madcap. Any info you can help me dig up (background, current whereabouts, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.


What happened to the final issue of GHOST RIDER? #94 was scheduled but never released. As it is the fate of Danny was never revealed — except to assume he died?
— Clint Williams (

Never assume that anyone in comics is really dead.

In SPIDER-MAN when Normie Osborn was kidnapped, who was the Green Goblin? And when the Green Goblin broke the Hobgoblin out of jail only to meet Norman Osborn, who was the Green Goblin? This was a few years back I think.
— Brian Sullivan (

Again, anyone?

The Marvel 1989 Annuals crossed over with the “Atlantis Attacks” storyline. Do you know what was chapter 3? IRON MAN ANNUAL #10 was chapter 2 and it says it is continued in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #23. But in ASM Annual #23, it is listed as chapter 4.
— Adam Taylor (

Maybe they just couldn’t count?

I’ve always been curious about the Squadron Supreme’s “Skrull,” the counterpart of Martian Manhunter. I only recall ever seeing him in a flashback cameo during 1986’s SQUADRON SUPREME maxi-series. However, around the Internet I’ve seen sites referring to him as “Skrullian Skymaster” or “Skymax.” I also understand that he’s apparently the alien who gave Dr. Spectrum the Power Prism. My question then, is where and when (issue numbers and titles) did all this stuff with Skrull supposedly occur? Did Skrull ever make any actual appearances in some obscure Squadron stories? If his only appearance was that cameo in the 1986 series (and his entry in the 1986 MARVEL UNIVERSE series), then where did this back story come from?
— ES (

Well, that should be fairly obvious, ES – somebody made it up!

Whatever happened to the Daredevil story Frank Miller was developing with Walt Simonson about satanists? I think it was reported after his “Born Again” issues…
— Nils G?ransson (

Guess it didn’t get “born” the first time…

Could you please tell me the X-Men characters (X-Force, Generation X, X-Factor included) that have died over the last two years and how and by what or who killed them please?
— Neil (

This looks like a job for… my official unofficial researcher, John Wells!

I’m a fan of GENERATION X. Two years ago, the book was canceled. I missed issue #69 and I was wondered whatever did happen to Archie, Leech and Penance. Another thing that bugs me is that, I haven’t seen Skin in a while. All the other characters for Gen X showed up in the X-Corps a while back, but no Skin. Is Skin dead?
— Ross (

And once more… anybody?

What’s going on with the Ultimate Universe? Will we ever see any more books than just ULTIMATE X-MEN, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and the ULTIMATES? I’d like to see a lot of the characters in the Marvel Universe go through a revamp in the Ultimate Universe. From classic characters to obscure no names, Ultimate Universe represents a return to the roots idea. Because of all the crap that’s out there, or mainly what has been out there before, wouldn’t it be wise to get back to this re-focusing of what makes a character tick and begin all over again with characters we have all known and loved over the years but now hate because someone screwed them up so much? I’m sorry, I apologize for ranting, but do you have anything on this? I’d really like to know what’s going on.
— Joe P (

One of the basic premises of the publishing business is: if it sells, keep publishing it and try to expand on it. Marvel seems to be pretty good at figuring out how to make money on their comics.

I know you’re pretty much a DC guy, but perhaps you or one of your sources can answer this Marvel question: Did Frank Miller introduce Matt Murdock’s Catholicism and establish Daredevil’s base of operations as Hell’s Kitchen? I know DD pretty much always operated in NYC, but I don’t recall either of those elements being present in (my admittedly spotty reading of) the DAREDEVIL comic before Miller came onboard.
— Tony Tower

A bunch of us went to see X-Men 2 last night, and there were comments from a friend of mine afterward that the vaguely flirtatious scene between Mystique and Nightcrawler was “incestuous” because apparently she’s his mother. Was this established in the comics, or was my friend dreaming it? Is there a familial connection between the two blue folks?
While we’re on the subject, how old is Mystique? If she’s anybody’s mother, she’s obviously older than she looks.

According to the MARVEL UNIVERSE HANDBOOK (which is about 18 years out of date) Mystique and Nightcrawler are related in some way. The identity of Nightcrawler’s real mother is (was) unknown and Mystique has hinted at a relationship between them.
Whether she’s his mother is debatable, since it would make her at least 35 years old and she certainly doesn’t look 35!

Please send me a picture of T’challa or Black Panther.
— Axel (

Haven’t got one. Sorry.

I’ve been reading a Steranko Nick Fury trade and in the credits box of STRANGE TALES #158 it says “MGM wants them! MGM needs them! MGM can have them! Signed- Warner Bros.” What is this referring to?
— Larry Wong (

Sounds like some production artist’s idea of a joke. I have no idea what it is referring to.

Why does Marvel suck so much now? They used to be so much better in the 80s!
— Gabriel (

Some questions defy an easy answer… but I’ll bet we hear from people who claim they were so much better in the 70s than in the 80s… and so much better in the 60s than in the 70s!

As long as we’re on the topic of books I’m not that familiar with…

Don’t know if you’re an Archie fan, but I was wondering if you knew the series or issue where Veronica gets turned into a cat. She and Archie go to a cat show earlier in the story. Please respond if you know.
— Keith Haase (

Any Archie experts out there?

I was hoping you could tell me if Bill Gibson was a pseudonym used by Matt Baker on Sky Girl in JUMBO COMICS (Fiction House). I’ve had no luck with a Google search. Thanks in advance!
— Jason Colgin (

This is one of those cases where we really miss the late Rich Morrissey, who did extensive research on writers and artists and their pseudonyms.

Metamorpho spent a good deal of his time in the BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS title searching for a cure or some sort of restorative so he could conceive a child with his wife, Saphire. The problem was that Rex Mason was at the time inorganic and thus couldn’t… do anything us normal organic humans can do. He might’ve had the parts for…. the deed… but lacked the equipment to have a child. (I feel ashamed already). I have no idea how that turned out.
Later during the Millennium affair Metamorpho sacrificed his life to save the Outsiders from their own Manhunter, Dr. Jace. The group soon disbanded and Batman mourned for his old team.
During the aftermath of the Invasion the Dominators’ genebomb went off, activating the metagene in some human beings, and reactivating the metagenes in others, with the result of injuring and sometimes killing the victims. Another effect of the genebomb’s fallout was Metamorpho’s resurrection. The side effect was that Rex Mason was now amnesiac, especially in regards to his death and the moments leading up to it. He also couldn’t remember his wife.
He joined the Justice League Europe and was a founding member of that branch of the Justice League International.During that time, off-panel (fortunately) Sapphire gave birth to the child that Rex Mason didn’t know he could have. She also married the cave man Java in wake of Rex’s death.
Her eventual confrontation with Rex sent him reeling and a fight with Java restored his memories. He later went to retrieve his son and as a result established a truce with his former father-in-law, whom he wanted dead for years of exploitation.
Rex left the JLE during the period where the UN reorganized and dismissed the group and rejoined during a mission in Greece.
He was there as the JLI became the newest Justice League International and then joined the new Justice League of America (which was in a title called JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA for some odd reason).
When the Hyperclan came to Earth, Metamorpho became inert as he took a descent to earth in order to save the lives of his fellow B-team Leaguers from the pale Martians.
He then was resurrected (retroactively) in the JLA/JSA SECRET FILES AND ORIGINS simply because it didn’t make sense for a dead super-hero to appear in John Arcudi’s DOOM PATROL without some kind of neat resurrection story.
So the story came after the deed, but the deed made the story obligatory.
— The Blue Spider (

Thanks, Spider.

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