By Beau Smith

I wanna thank all of ya that write me emails every week. Ya always have lots of good points, thoughts and words to say. Even I’m not too old to learn a little from my readers and friends.

One of the topics that always comes up are movies. I’m asked for suggestions of manly movies and films with that testosterone tilt that every man wants to see and ever woman wants him to see.

I throw out a few films that I recommend, but I thought I’d really lay out a blueprint for everyone. A kinda guideline to movies with hair on their chest.

I limited myself to 20 movies. Of course there are many more, but I thought I’d keep it to 20 so that your head wouldn’t explode.

This list is not in any particular order. Much like my life and way of thinkin’. Look real close, there may be some of your favorites here. Better yet, there may be one ya haven’t heard of seen. It’ll give ya a purpose for your life. I’m good at that? givin’ purpose to others.

The Beau List Of Manly Movies: The Top Twenty Of Testosterone.

  1. Tombstone 1993
  2. The Wind And The Lion 1975
  3. Howard Hawk’s The Thing From Another World 1951
  4. Wake Of The Red Witch 1948
  5. Creature From The Black Lagoon 1954
  6. The Shootist 1976
  7. Appointment With Danger 1951
  8. The Warriors 1979
  9. Tom Horn 1980
  10. The Immortals 1995
  11. The Wild Bunch 1969
  12. The Professionals 1966
  13. Hatari 1962
  14. Big Jake 1971
  15. Rancho Deluxe 1975
  16. Wild Times 1980
  17. Used Cars 1980
  18. The Sacketts 1979
  19. Extreme Prejudice 1987
  20. Open Range 2003

Now that you’ve read through the list you’re gonna have to read a few of my brief comments on a few of these movies. It’s part of the price ya gotta pay for readin’ this far in my column.

Tombstone: You’ve heard me say it here before?this movie sums up my personal feelin’s for family, friends, loyalty and love. It covers it all. Bein’an expert on Wyatt Earp, Tombstone is the most accurate example of what Wyatt Earp was like. The clothes, looks and the guns in Tombstone were also very close the real time. Watchin’ this movie is like spendin’ time inside my way of thinkin’.

The Wind And The Lion: Sean Connery as Mulay Achmed Mohammed El-Raisuli The Magnificent. Without a doubt? the best real man role you will EVER see. Plus ya get Brian Keith as Teddy Roosevelt. His finest role. I cannot recommend this film enough. It just came out on DVD as well.

Howard Hawk’s The Thing From Another World: Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue! As rapid fire as the guns in the film. You wanna see how a real man is supposed to handle a monster? This is the friggin’ blue print! Kenneth Tobey vs. Jim Arness of Gunsmoke fame. Tobey doesn’t act scared? he acts like a real man. One of the best written sci-fi films ever. I enjoyed John Carpenter’s version? which is closer to the short story Who Goes There that this was based on, but even as manly as Carpenter’s was, it is no match for Howard Hawk’s film. This was just released on DVD last year. Grab it!

Wake Of The Red Witch: A real unsung gem with John Wayne. This has high adventure, romance, great lines, and The Duke plays a very complex character in this film. Folks seem to forget that John Wayne played a lot of complex, half psychotic characters in the 40s and 50s? this is one of his best. It’s a classic story of evil vs. really evil, yet there is a code of honor to it. This movie is really cheap to pick up on DVD. You will not be sorry if ya watch it. John Wayne even wrestles a giant squid in this? and whips ass!

Creature From The Black Lagoon: Another great real man sci-fi film. Not only is the Gillman a classic monster, but the special effects were way beyond their time. The under water sequences are amazing. The costume for the creature is light years ahead of every other film during that time. Then there is the matter of damsel in distress Julie Adams? whatta babe!!! I’m sure she got lots of boys through puberty in that white swimsuit. Like The Thing, Creature From The Black Lagoon is a movie you can watch over and over and never get tired of it.

The Shootist: Hear it from me. John Wayne deserved two Oscars. One for True Grit, which he won, and two for The Shootist. I remember seeing this in the theater in college. I was so amazed he didn’t get an Oscar nomination. It’s only now that critics give Wayne the respect for this role that he so richly deserved. This is film is a wonderful and touching curtain call for my hero-John Wayne. I recommend that you watch his first big starring role in Stagecoach back to back with The Shootist.

Appointment With Danger: One of the best tough guy, film noir films ever. Alan Ladd is this really hard-nosed postal inspector that shoves judo holds on his co-workers in the office. He gives a whole new meaning to “going postal”. In supporting roles you’ll find Jack Webb and Harry Morgan from Dragnet fame as two psycho thugs tryin’ to kill a nun before she rats em’ out. Wait’ll ya see what Jack Webb does with a pait of bronzed baby shoes.

The Warriors: Any early Walter Hill directed movies are great. Ya can’t go wrong. The Warriors is a great gang fable. Really cool story telling and paced really well. The fist fights are always a high point in Walter Hill films. The soundtrack is also great. Walter Hill also has his floating outfit of character actors that always pop up in each of his films. This is my favorite Hill movie. Hard Times is also a good one. If ya notice, I also have Extreme Prejudce on here. One of Nick Nolte’s great roles. It’s Hill’s tribute to The Wild Bunch. Check this one out on DVD as well.

The Wild Bunch: Another film about friendship and loyalty. Even among thieves. I was in 9th grade when I first saw this. It opened up a while new world for me. It remains one of the biggest influences on my writin’ career.

Tom Horn: One of Steve McQueen’s last roles. This isn’t an action packed film. It moves slow, but really takes the time to show a changing time and a man that can’t change with it and wonders why. If ya ever feel like things around ya are passin’ ya by then this is a film you’ll truly understand. Side note? McQueen wears the best cowboy hat I’ve ever seen in Tom Horn.

The Professionals: Lee Marvin? need I say more?

The Immortals: Here’s one most of ya haven’t seen. It came out in 1995 during the fumes of Pulp Fiction. It was written by my co-creator on Primate? Kevin Bernhardt. Kevin also had a role in this film as well. It is smartly written with a real twist and an all-star cast. It is out on DVD and ya owe it to yourself to check it out and find out what it’s all about. You will not be sorry.

Hatari: John Wayne lassoin’ rhinos from the front of a high speed truck? Now there’s a fun vacation!

Wild Times: This was a TV movie/mini-series with Sam Elliott. Another hidden gem. Thing is you’ll be hard pressed to see this one. They hardly ever show it on TV and it ain’t out on DVD. You might be able to rent the VHS at your local video store. I’ve got if in tape, but ya ain’t borrowin’ mine.

Open Range: You regular readers of Busted Knuckles have heard me talk about this one many times. I won’t excite ya with more of my praise of the film. Go out and get it.

Used Cars: A great comedy. It is the Office Space of its time. One of those funny movies that ya can watch over and over and still laugh like it was new. Kurt Russell shows that he has got a real knack for comedy in this one.

Big Jake: John Wayne’s most violent film. The dialogue exchanges between him and the great Richard Boone are worth the time to watch this manly film of fist flyin’ and gun blastin’. John Wayne is at his intimadatin’ best in Big Jake.

Now here is the part when you guys come in. I’d love it if ya sent in your lists of manly movies. I just listed a mere 20, I know there are lots more, but due to time and space?well you know what it’s like.

You can email me your list of even better, post em’ on the Flying Fist Forum here at SBC. Share em’ with everyone else. I’m sure we could get some good lists and discussions.

I also suggest that ya check out, that’s the Internet Movie Data Base. You can look up all the manly movies that I’ve listed there. Learn more about em’ and I hope that ya go out and rent these or buy em’. I want this to be a man’s world.

To be a manly movie it’s gotta have one of the following or all of em’. Stuff like great manly lines of dialogue, great fist fights, innovative gun battles, curvy babes or most important? a manly lesson to be learned. One that make you a better man or one that will have women happy to make love to ya and then fetch ya a cold beer.

Those are the things ya need for a true Beau Smith Manly Movie.

Somethin’ else you might wanna post up is your top 5 list of Manly Actors. Here is my short list:

  1. John Wayne
  2. Sam Elliott
  3. Lee Marvin
  4. Charles Bronson
  5. Steve McQueen

The last manly list is your top five list of Real Men in Comics. This one oughta really set some ears a burnin’. Give me your choices on who you think are real men in comics. The standards?? Hey?you tell me. We’ll see who has sack and who gets left back.

I also need more of ya to send me your photo, your girlfriend of wife’s photo, your kid, your dog? whatever. I’ll post em’ on my website in my Manly Fan’s section.

That’s it for this week, amigos. Thanks for hangin’ out with me and readin’ my words. I always appreciate every one of ya that supports Busted Knuckles. Without you I’d be talkin’ to myself.

Hey? like that’s a bad thing?

I ain’t hard to find?

Beau Smith
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