It seems that I’ve been a great help to those that are shopping challenged. I’ve been getting more and more emails thanking me for my Manly Recommendations of pop culture items. That’s always a good thing when you can help spread the word on something good and make folks happy at the same time. I figured anybody can complain about stuff, but it takes a real friend to pass on the good word.

So this week I’ve hauled out some more stuff that you should be looking for.


Written By Clifford “My parents named me” Meth
Art By Rufus “I don’t know who named me” Dayglo
Cover by Ashley “Woody” Wood
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Due Out 12/08

Political intrigue and backstabbing are always part of the resume when it comes to dealing with those that lack true social skills. In SNAKED, that just what Bill Timmons has to find out as he finds himself more than knee deep in dirty politics and noir horror. SNAKED is something very different from is usually thrown at you month to month in comics. This has all the layers of a snakeskin and more. My personal opinion is that SNAKED is a sleeper hit waiting to be discovered? by you!

Come around Christmas this is something you’re gonna want to check out.

Modern Masters Volume 13: Jerry Ordway
Edited by Eric Nolen-Weathington
Publisher: Twomorrows Publishing
Due Out Available Now.

The comic book industry is filled with a lot of talented folks. It’s also got more than it’s share of good guys and those that I would just as soon hit in the head with a rusty shovel. Jerry Ordway is not only a supremely talented artist/storyteller, but he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in comics.

I’ve been lucky enough to know Jerry for more than 18 years. As always I wish we could spend more time together talking, but as most of you know, the convention circuit is like a family reunion riding on a hyper-speed merry-go-round. The beauty of the Modern Masters books from Twomorrows is that you finally do get to spend quality time with some of the greatest comic book creators ever.

This 120 page book is nothing but sheer pleasure as it is filled with loads of artwork, sketches and pin-ups by Ordway along with incredible interviews and photos. There’s a wonderful color section with some of Jerry’s very best work on display. There are very few things in this world that are true slam-dunks. The Twomorrows Modern Masters series is at the head of the list. These are the text books for anyone wanting to be a comic book creator or in the business in any form. They are history books that everyone can learn from. They are also worth every cent of the cover price.

Jerry tells some really juicy behind the scenes stories of his time at Marvel and DC Comics. Things you just don’t get on the web or in some monthly magazine about comics. This is the GOOD stuff.

My shelf here in the office has a lot of books, but if you look you can see that there is a nice thick block of Twomorrows publications that have earned their place on the shelf of testosterone. See that you get some on yours as well.

Bat Lash #1
Written By Peter Brandvold & Sergio Aragones
Art By John Severin
Cover By Walter Simonson
Published By DC Comics
Due Out 12/07

As I mentioned above?The Good Guys. This book is filled with them. Sergio Aragones, John Severin, Walt Simonson and a very good friend of mine, Peter Brandvold. The other guys you may have heard of before, Pete, maybe, maybe not. Pete is actually a very well known and respected writer of some full-throttle-boot-to-the-teeth, manly western novels that are sold in every major bookstore. I met Pete a few years back through another good amigo and mentor of mine, Mike Baron. (Check out his return of The Badger at IDW Publishing) Believe it or not, the state of Colorado lets these two guys not only run around together, but drink in the same saloons. They’re just asking for trouble.

Bat Lash has always been one of the most wonderful characters in the DC universe. When Bat Lash first came out I was but a young hick in the sticks. I remember it had great art and all the character and likeability of James Garner in the TV series MAVERICK. I know Pete and Sergio are gonna entertain everyone with a Bat Lash that you will want to read more of. There’s no sense in wasting words talking about the talent of the legendary John Severin. If you don’t know of his work then you should feel shame and think about not wearing diapers. If you do know of his work, then I’m sure you’re as excited as I am. This is another manly recommendation you cannot go wrong with.

You’re gonna get 6 issues of this series and then we’re all gonna write DC and demand more. Action, romance, humor and perfect art. The deal is done. Put your order in today, amigo.

Vintage G.I Joe: Kung Fu Grip 12 Inch Action Figure
Adventure Team G.I. Joe
Made By Hasbro
Due Out 12/07

If ever there was a manly action figure it was G.I. Joe Adventure Team with Kung Fu Grip and Beau-Like beard. This Christmas you’ll be able to own this manly figure of two-fisted justice for only $11.00. What a deal! The figure comes just like he did when I was a kid, shoulder holster with pistol, ass kicking boots, tough guy clothes, a full head of hair and a manly beard. The capper is he has Kung Fu grip to hold his manly pistol and to choke the snot out of bad guys. This great figure comes in a retro style long box just as I remember as a kid. This is a must for your manly collection of stuff. Barbie will be wanting to invite this guy into her Barbie Dream House for sure.

Okay, there are your missions. Save up those dimes quarters and order these items of intense Mandom. You know you need them. A always, tell em’ Beau sent you.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #135
DC Comics 1973
Cover art by the great Bob Oskner

This has always been one of my favorite covers because it exposes Superman for the prick that he has always been. As most of you know, Lois Lane should be MY girlfriend and not hooked up with the psycho Super creep in the cape. I figure one day Lois will wise up and I’ll be the writer on her new comic book series and life will be good. Until then I will continue to call Clark Kent the Sissy Of Steel. My envy is as green as Kryptonite.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Moon Bloodgood
– actress

The new Fall TV season is here and that means new Babes Of The Week. This time the new NBC series JOURNEYMAN brings us the ever exotic and lovely Moon Bloodgood. (This must be my week for strange names) She is an amazing looking woman that has a lot of depth with her acting that we are just starting to see. You’ve no doubt seen her in such stuff as MONK, CSI, PATHFINDER and a movie that I really like, EIGHT BELOW. Make sure you catch her on JOURNEYMAN. She’s well worth it.

The Roundup

On some of the other comic book related news sites there’s been some discussion about “journalism in the coverage of comic books”. Who can say that with a straight face? Not I.

First, there are very few if any trained journalist covering comic books for most sites. Most are fans and readers with no degree, background or training in journalism other than taking a class in high school. Most I said, not all.

There may be a few with degrees and training, but like I said, few. Even then I’ve yet to see much done as far as true feature stories, real interviews that cover the craft and training of making comics and fact checking. I’m not giving the folks here at this site a free pass. It happens here as well.

I understand that most folks have good intensions, but let’s not sling the word journalism around like it was something you got free in your box of Corn Flakes. After all, the most popular thing on the web dealing with comics is a gossip column. What’s that tell you?

I think it’d be better if everyone was a little more straight up?90% of the comic book “news” is fluff entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with that. Could be because comic books, ARE entertainment. Yes, you can have deeper features and interviews that go beyond the standard Entertainment Tonight style of reporting, but at least be up front that’s what you’re doing. It’s like Mary Hart, Nancy O’Dell or A.J. Hammer trying to tell us that they are serious journalists.

I hope that some of this talk going around does provoke more of the sites to do more real features and interviews. I doubt if it will, but I can hope.

Until then, I’ll just keep doing what I do? whatever that is.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
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