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Bad, Bone Breaking, Bloody Bigfoot
The ShadowKiller: A Novel
By Matthew Scott Hansen
Available Now

Finally, a Bigfoot book that’s a full-throttle, bone breaking, blood & guts, crush kill and destroy story of a Bigfoot that is so big, so nasty and best of all… so smart.

This novel has everything you could want in a horror/action book, interesting characters that you’ll like and some you’ll hate and hope they end up on the Bigfoot killing spree. It’s got horror, gore, sex, violence and character layers. It’s fast paced foul-mouthed and fun. The dark humor that Hansen weaves in the dialogue and story pops up at just the right times.

This would make such a seat-gripping movie. It reads like a good monster movie should. Just imagine the best serial-killer story only in this case the killer is a 10 foot, 1,000 pound monster. Some of the best parts of the book are when Hansen puts you in the mind and voice of the Bigfoot. This isn’t some mindless monster. Bigfoot is a calculating hunter of man and his path of destruction is chilling.

If you’re looking for a fun read and one that will make you think of your favorite monster movie then The Shadowkiller is the book for you. This is Hansen’s first fiction novel and he obviously had a great time writing it because it shows.

If you’re looking for a cerebral , thought provoking, New Age, crystal rubbing, mankind/nature, Bigfoots in the mist read, then back off now, because you wont have the guts to finish this mean and nasty thrill ride. No sissies allowed.

Look for this beast at your local bookstore, library or online provider. Read it and then write me an thank you email.

Shock Suspense Stories Volume 2
EC Archives
Gemstone Publishing
Available Now

Written By Al Feldstein
Art By Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Johnny Craig, Reed Crandall, John Severin, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Kamen, Joe Orlando, George Evans, Bill Elder, Al Williamson and Marie Severin.

Once again Gemstone Publishing releases more of the great EC Comics library in an over-sized, hardcover edition with enhanced color. This volume collects Shock Suspense Stories #7 through #12.

If you know your comic book history then you know that these particular issues were deemed the best of the series. They were shocking as the title boasts and the art in each story is just amazing. This line of books has always been a major influence on so many of the great artists in comics. The list of creators on this volume reads like a true hall of fame line up.

I cannot recommend these EC Archives enough. Not only are they historical , but they are truly text books of story telling in both art and story.

Comics Gone Ape: The Missing Link To Primates In Comics
By Michael Eury
TwoMorrows Publishing
Available Now

I can’t think of any kid/adult that doesn’t have a thing for Apes and monkeys. I know that as a kid and an adult I can’t pass up any comic, movie, book that has a ape in it. Just look at King Kong and you’ll know just what I mean.

Michael Eury has taken a brilliant idea and made a wonderful book on covering possibly every ape that has ever had anything to do with comics. From the incredible Arthur Adams cover to the gallery of ape covers inside, there is something for everyone.

This book has been on my nightstand for weeks. I’m always reading and looking at a new piece of information on apes in comics from this. The amount of artwork in this volume is staggering. It’s got all the best illustrations, covers and sketches that you may know very well or be seeing for the very first time. It showcases such artists as Arthur Adams, Frank Cho, Carmine Infantino, Joe Kubert, and tons of others.

It presents you with a primate role call of such icons as King Kong, Grodd, Titano, Detective Chimp, Brainiape, The Gibbon, Mojo Jojo, and even mine and Kevin Bernhardt’s own creation Bobo from Primate: The Sword Of Darwin. (Image Comics)

This book is over 140 pages and will have you reading for hours if not days. I really admire Eury for his in-depth research on this keeper of a book. Make sure you hit your local store up for this today or order one from TwoMorrows because you ain’t getting’ mine.

Strangers In Paradise Issue #90
By Texas Terry Moore
Abstract Studios
Available Now

Yeah, I know…this is a section for “Manly” recommendations and Strangers In Paradise is like…a chick book with liberal leanings. Let me make this clear to all of you right now, I’ve read almost every issue.

Reason being that it’s always been one of the best character driven comics in the history of comic books. Terry Moore is as precise as a laser beam with his tone for dialogue, character and artistic movement. Every issue is like a well directed film and you can always see that Terry has learned from not only film and books, but life as well.

Don’t think there isn’t any real action in this book, because you’d be wrong. There’s been some realistic punches thrown and even some mixed martial arts thrown in at times. Strangers In Paradise is a great book for writers and artists to learn story telling from. Check it out and see what I’m talking about.

Don’t be surprised if you see Terry’s name on the credits of some of your favorite super hero books real soon. Marvel and DC would be just plain stupid if they didn’t corral Texas Terry Moore into doing some work for them. If so, I hope they don’t do the stereotype thing and think that he can just write women characters. He’s that and a whole lot more.

Look into the Strangers In Paradise trade paperbacks and back issues. Find out all the stuff I already knew.

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

You know her from playing the daughter of Don Johnson in the TV show Nash Bridges, but now you can know her from the jaw busting, gun slinging, teeth spilling movie Venice Underground.

Her co-star, Nichole Hiltz, has just come off from being a Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week and now it’s Jodi’s turn. She really got to show her tougher side in Venice Underground and lord knows we all enjoy seeing her softer side as well.

She’s a pretty busy actress and you can see her in her in stuff like The Call, Raines, CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Boston Legal and the vampire movie Out For Blood. I hope to see her in more action films. She’s got the moves for em’. She’s tall at 5 feet 10 inches and is an avid kickboxer.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

Wonder Woman #166
DC Comics

Okay, as you regular readers know, at Marvel Comics one of my favorite bad guys is MODOK, the guy with the big head that sits in the flying chair and throws mind blasts and bitter remarks at the good guys. Well, at DC one of my favorite villains has always been the politically incorrect Egg Fu. The giant pissed off Asian Egg with the big mustache and the scrambled sense of humor.

He was always on of Wonder Woman’s best and strangest villains. Anytime he was on the cover I was there with my money. This is one of my favorites as the Big Egg is about to get cracked. The reason it’s manly is because Egg Fu is such a great bad guy and Wonder Woman drawn by Ross Andru was always a treat.

If you want fun then check out any great Silver Age comic with Egg Fu.

The Roundup.

Thanks this week go out to Lucinda Shore from Laramie, Wyoming. She was kind enough to surprise me with a very cool Wyoming Cowboy Joe t-shirt. I promise to wear with pride and I’ve gotta say it really looks great. I wish the Cowboys a lot of luck this year.

Thanks also go out to Harlan Emmits of San Saba, Texas for the very cool Armadillo paperweight. It’s already on duty holding down important papers on my desk here at the ranch. I like the snarl it has on its face. That adds character!

The past two weeks have been pretty busy here at the Flying Fist Ranch. I’ve been loaded down with deadlines and chores to do around here. Lots of family stuff and always a surprise or two that pops up. I’m in need of a vacation and some time away from anything that can communicate. I hope to get a lot of this stuff done so I can focus on my writing and getting pitches out to those that have yet to fall for my manly charm. I still don’t see any Marvel, DC or Dark Horse checks in my mailbox, so there’s work to be done to change that.

I wanna thank Jason Willey and all his fellow members of Beau Nation and the Beau Army for their letter writing mission to publishers that they have taken upon themselves to start. I appreciate the support and knowing that all of you out there wanna read my stories with your favorite super heroes. Check most any message board, including this one here at Silver Bullet and you’ll see what Jason and the troops are up to.

Again, thanks to all of you for reading Busted Knuckles and for the cool stuff that you send for review and just to make me happy.

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