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Back in the Silver Age (or maybe the Golden Age), Wonder Woman seemed to have a couple of unique vulnerabilities dealing with her bracelets. One was that if she was bound over the bracelets, she lost all her powers.
Also, I seem to recall at least one issue where, if her bracelets were removed, she went crazy.
Can you shed any light on this?
— Mark R. Pennington [mark.pennington@intranetsolutions.com]

The treatment by writers of Wonder Woman’s bracelets has changed over the years, but her loss of powers when she was chained by a man has been fairly consistent. (In a few early stories, if she was chained by a woman, there was no effect.)
Removal of the bracelets has resulted in a wider variety of effects. She sometimes lost her powers, but in at least once case, she became even more powerful. Her going berserk when they were removed had its first appearance in the Golden Age, but was played up in a series of stories in the mid-60s.

Has there ever been an official decision made on the beginning and end of the “Bronze Age” of comics? What about a fourth age?
— Michael Poirier [quex_ul@hotmail.com]

There really is no one who can make an “official” decision about the start and end of the comic book “ages.” [Debate continues about the start of the Silver Age, though most people will concede to it being the publication of SHOWCASE #4.]
Personally, I fix the start of the Bronze Age as July, 1973 because that’s when I started working at DC, but the consensus seems to be a little earlier, when Jack Kirby left Marvel and/or when Mort Weisinger retired from DC. There is a much more heated debate about its end… anywhere from the DC Implosion to the Crisis at DC and the end of the Jim Shooter years at Marvel.
As for the fourth age, the most appropriate name I’ve heard is the Dark Age because of the number of characters who became darker and more brooding following the success of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Coupled with the use of computer coloring and separations, which have almost drowned the art with ink, the books have a darker mood and look.
And, hey, aren’t we about ready for a fifth age now?

Who is/was Air Wave and how was he Hal Jordon?
— Crow crow@biteme.com

If you’re thinking he’s the Hal Jordan who was Green Lantern and is The Soectre, he’s not. Air Wave Hal (called Maser in his recent JSA appearances in which he was a prisoner of Kobra) is the son of District Attorney Larry Jordan, who was the original AW in the 40s. Both Larry and son Hal are cousins to GL Hal; in fact, during his back-up series in ACTION COMICS in the 80s, young Hal lived with the older Hal’s brother and his family.

1. Telephone booths transport whom to other places?
2. He impersonated Green Lantern in his first battle with the Justice League; name him.
3. Evil runs in the family; whose children include Magnificus, Beautia, and Thaddeus Bodog Jr.?
4. May Parker once was romanced by what Spidey foe?
5. Owl at his side, who battled crime with a blackout bomb?
6. Namor joined forces with whom in an early battle with the Fantastic Four?
7. This Charlton character’s comic featured “Many Ghosts”; who is he?
8. He was called the Man of the Atom; who is he?
9. Inza and Kent both had what identity?
10. Science ruled his Mr. Element identity, while the Philosopher’s Stone gave powers to what villain?
11. If Dormammu came calling, who would you want to come to your rescue?
12. Noticeably out of place between issues featuring Tommy Tomorrow, who was the villain in SHOWCASE #43?

1. Russians celebrated the October Revolution in November because their calendar was 12 days behind ours.
2. The plural of octopus can be octopuses or octopi.
3. Octane ratings of gasoline measure the antiknock characteristics of the fuel.

There are always a couple of questions I don’t have answers for, so, as usual, I turn to you readers for any help you can provide.

I was told that Hugh Hefner and adult film star Kelly Nichols once appeared in SCIMIDAR. Is this true or is it a case of “embellishing”?
— Joe Bass Jr. (noonan24_7@hotmail.com)

I’m unfamiliar with SCIMIDAR, so I have no idea.

Who was Russell Carley and what was script continuity?
— Chris Knowles (seegnolls@aol.com)

Script continuity? One would presume that means there is a a consistency in characters, setting and plot throughout a story. What Mr. Carley has to do with it… anyone?

Why is it taking DC so long to reprint the Superman and Batman stuff? I realize that you are not there any more, but they have 60+ years of material and they are going like snails. I am afraid that I may be an old man before I see my favorite period (the 50s)
— Jay Mampel [Jaymampel@aol.com]

Actually, a lot of Superman and Batman material is being reprinted every year; there’s just not much of it from the 1950s. At the current pace of Archives volumes, Batman’s DETECTIVE COMICS adventures from the 50s should start to pop up in just a few years, but the Man of Steel has most of the 40s to get through. But hey, it’ll give you something to read when you retire.

Has ASTRO CITY been canceled or just abandoned?
— Bob (bobllewxam@hotmail.com)

Neither. In a letter in COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE #1455, Astro City creator Kurt Busiek cites continuing health problems as the reason no new issues have appeared. He says that DC wants three scripts in the drawer before putting the book back on the schedule and that he himself wants to have #23 through #26 done so that they can come out consecutively.

What’s the current status on the Royal Flush Gang?
— Geoff Pearson [Geoffrey.Pearson2@btinternet.com]

They’re still be out and about. The King makes a cameo appearance in the audience in JSA #28 and, according to the October PREVIEWS, Superman will be facing “a more powerful than ever version” of the Gang in MAN OF STEEL #121.
[Gee, this reminds me of those old Mort Weisinger letter columns wherein Billy Jones would write in and say, “Has Superman ever turned into a giant slice of Swiss cheese?” and Mort would respond, “Do you have x-ray vision? Have you been peeking through our office walls? That very thing happens in next month’s issue of ACTION COMICS!”]

I am a Caribbean filmmaker but I grew up in Canada. How do I make a Caribbean comic book? How do I distribute it throughout the Caribbean. Help me.
— powys dewhurst (powysdewhurst@hotmail.com)

I presume you are talking about a comic book by, about, and for people living in the various Caribbean islands.
Your work is pretty much cut out for you. First, find the writing and artistic talent you need, create the stories, hire a printer and produce the books. Distribution will require your tracking down stores willing to carry the book, delivering copies and collecting the money when they’re sold.
Good luck.

Is Aquaman’s New Venice still part of the DCU? If so, where was it located?
— Rhys [matrhys@yahoo.com]

Given the recent “Our Worlds At War” series, perhaps the more appropriate question should be “Is Aquaman still part of the DCU?”
But seriously, I don’t recall the American city of flooded streets having been destroyed or written out of continuity, so I guess it’s still there… along the coast of North Carolina where I always thought it was.

Are you Greek by any chance? I’m especially proud when people from Greece make a career of themselves abroad, especially in the comics field. How many Greeks do you know that have made it big in the comics arena in the U.S.? Thanks for your time
— Manolis V. (retroxpunk@yahoo.com)

My paternal grandfather emigrated to the U.S. from Greece in 1910, followed soon after by my grandmother. My father was born in New York, as was I.
I’m sure there have been a few other Greek-Americans who have worked in the comics business and, if they’re reading this column, I’m sure I’ll be hearing from them.

How in hell do you manage life, your kick-ass job, and over all a good night’s rest?
Joe (joeblackdeath@hotmail.com

Clean living, focus, and the love of a good woman. [And, on that note, I am out of here till next week.]

Yes, the answers are all Doctors, but they all have OCT in their names, don’t they?
1. Doctor Who
2. Doctor Destiny
3. Doctor Sivana
4. Doctor Octopus
5. Doctor Mid-Nite
6. Doctor Doom
7. Doctor Graves
8. Doctor Solar
9. Doctor Fate
10. Doctor Alchemy
11. Doctor Strange
12. Doctor No
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