Christmas is coming down the pike fast. I take it most of you are starting, in the middle of or are finished with your Christmas shopping. I’m one of those guys that’s in the middle of it.

Some of my friends and family have made it easy for me. They gave me lists. Others are making it a little harder by leaving me to my own devices. Most of the time that works out pretty good. Other times it can get ugly, like a Christmas sweater.

I thought I’d try and help y’all out if I could with a few Christmas ideas. Maybe if we’re both lucky there’ll be something that’ll work out really nice.

I’m Dreaming Of A Cobb Christmas

Looking for the perfect gift for the real man or real woman in your life? Need something extra to go with that bottle of Old Spice for your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband? I’ve got just the thing?.

Cobb: Off The Leash

I’ve been getting some mail from some of y’all out there that tell me that your favorite source of comic book retail enjoyment hasn’t gotten or can’t get Cobb: Off The Leash from yours truly and IDW Publishing. That ain’t good to hear.

Never let it be said that I won’t back you in your time of need. I checked with Diamond Distribution and with IDW Publishing. I dug hard and I dug deep to see what I could do to help you out. I’ve got good news. I found you more Cobb than a Kansas Cornfield at harvest time.

All three issues of Cobb: Off The Leash are available for you to buy for yourself or someone you like almost as much. I’ve got the information that you need to expedite your order with extreme prejudice. Below you’ll find the Diamond Order Numbers for each issue of Cobb: Off The Leash. Just give your retailer these numbers and they should have no problem filling your order.

Cobb #1 – MAR063280
Cobb #2 – APR063232
Cobb #3 – MAY063232

To find out where the closest retailer in your area is just call The Comic Shop Locator Service at 1-888-comic book or check out the website at

Also remember that retailers are taking order right now for the Cobb Magazine that collects all three issues of Cobb: Off The Leash. The Cobb Magazine comes out in Feb. 2007. Here is the order number for it:

Cobb Magazine

You may or may not know that it was announced just last Friday (12/8/06) by Scoop/Diamond Galleries that Cobb: Off The Leash was picked as the #3 comic book of 2006. That’s a lot of spandex, capes and crybaby Goth boys that Cobb had to step on to get there. For all the details here is the link that will tell you how Cobb grabbed the #3 spot in The Top Ten Comics Of 2006.

Monkey Time!

One of the first guys I worked with when I busted into comics was Mark McKenna. Most of you know Mark from all his prolific work as an inker on just about any comic book you’ve ever read in the last 20 years. From the X-Men to the JLA he’s worked on em’ all. I was lucky enough to work with Mark on one of my first writing jobs Beau LaDuke & The Dogs Of Danger at Eclipse Comics. Mark inked my other good friend, artist, Flint Henry. A manly time was had by all.

I knew then that Mark was more than an inker. His penciling talent was always evident and as the years went by we all got to see that his range was endless. A few years back he created a wonderful children’s book called Banana Tail. A wonderful book that tells of a little brown monkey called Banana Tail.

Banana Tail and his two buddies, a color changing rhino and a plaid zebra, lead the reader on an exciting and humorous adventure that any kid will enjoy. As an adult, Banana Tail stories will take you back to a time when you were young and amazed by any animal that could talk and entertain you. McKenna and his crew of co-workers have produced some very wonderful reading as well as one of the better activity books that any child will ever learn from. So if you’re looking for a special something for any of the children in your life then I highly suggest you stop by the Banana Tail website and see all the stuff that’s available for your Christmas shopping. The site is

Tell em’ Beau sent ya.

Bear It All

While on the topic of children’s books there is another delightful book that will score you points on any kid’s Christmas list. This one is titled Sunny Bear’s Rainy Day by Caryn A. Tate. This is a part of her “Bear Feet Series” which stars the same two characters in each book.

A wonderful comic book tie-in is the fact that Sunny Bear’s rainy Day is illustrated by Harvey Award winner and comic book artist Noel Tuazon of Elk’s Run. This book has a great look to it that reminds me of some very cool animated children’s stories that I have seen. While reading this it reminded me of being a small kid and the storybooks that my parents would read to me. As time would pass and I learned to read on my own and hard covers like this would still be waiting for me on the shelf for me to reread over and over. Sunny Bear’s Rainy Day is one of those kinda stories.

I understand that Busted Knuckles isn’t the first place that you come to for recommendations of children’s books, but I figured it’s about time for you to figure out there’s more to this ol’ stump jumper than beer bottles and busted noses.

I suggest you stop by the Open Book Press website and check this book out by Caryn. She’s very good people and I think you’ll really like her work. You can even buy her book at Amazon.

Again, tell em’ Beau sent ya.

Join The Side Of Terror?THE BLACK TERROR

As most of you know I also write monthly print columns for Impact Magazine and The Comics Buyer’s Guide. In the latest issue of the CBG (#1625) I did a column about comic books that made a difference to me. One of the comics I mentioned was the great Golden Age character, The Black Terror.

In that same issue was an ad for The Black Terror / Nedor Collector’s Club. Nedor was the publishing company that produced not only The Black Terror comics, but other cool ones like Exciting Comics, Startling Comics, America’s Best and others.

Nice guy, Dave Holland runs this collector’s club and produces the newsletter for it. I got mine in the mail and it was filled with great info on The Black Terror and other Nedor books. I thought I was pretty hip to everything that Nedor had done, but this was an education. This newsletter had all sorts of stuff on The Black Terror with info on back issues prices and availability, price guides, grading, and all the stuff you need for when you’re hunting down issues at a convention or online.

There are three different newsletters to subscribe to. The Black Terror ($10.00), America’s Best ($10.00) and Exciting ($15.00. More Pages). Postage runs $3.00.

The purpose of the newsletter is to help other collectors with their collections and also to keep the characters of Nedor alive and well. One of the best things was that with my newsletter I also got a Certificate Of Appreciation that is now framed on my office wall here at the ranch.

For more manly info please check things out at:

The Black Terror Collector’s Club Of America
Dave Holland
7256 Yates Street
San Bernadino, Ca. 92404

Again, tell em’ Beau sent ya.

Busted Knuckles and Blockbuster

As most of you know from my columns and reviews here, I am a subscriber of Blockbuster Online for all of my manly DVD rental needs. Well, things are going on there and it’s all good for guys like me that like a wide selection of testosterone filled DVD’s and like em’ to be hassle free.

Right now if you go to and sign up using the code 1795ta (As long as you haven’t tested their membership before) this way you get to trial test the membership for 4 weeks for free. One of the cool things with being a member of the Blockbuster family is Total Access portion of the online rental, where you can now take your online DVD into your local store, drop it off, have them ship your next online movie to you AND get a free instore rental. Trust me, I like FREE.

I’ve been a member for a while and have never had any complaints of problems at all. Everything is slick, smooth and just keeps getting better and better. If your local Blockbuster is anything like mine then you know that they always have a great selection of pre-viewed DVD’s and games that you can pick up really cheap.

Check it out and tell em’that Beau sent ya.

I hope that you’ve found something here that’ll help you or a loved one out this Christmas. Make sure you let me know of stuff that I can share with the rest of the Knuckleheads. We’ve all gotta watch each other’s backs. Now?finish that shopping!

Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

Shannon Mock
– singer / songwriter

Shannon Mock is one of those “girl next door” types that you wished lived next door. A buddy of mine sent me her self-titled CD one day and I took it on a road trip of mine and was really glad to have her along as company. A long day on the road was made easier with her soothing tones flowing from the truck CD player and into my ears. An extra added feature is that she is really easy on the eyeballs as well. That never hurts in my book.

If you get the chance to see her live do it. If you get the chance to buy her CD do that too. You’ll thank me? and if you get the chance to meet her?tell her Beau sent ya.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

The Texan Comics #1
St. John Publishing 1948

Nothing says manly like a Texas cowboy saving a buckskin clad babe in distress from a flaming stagecoach. The Texan #1 from St. John Publishing gave us just that. This issue is an art feast for the eyeballs.

One humorous typo is on the cover. It boasts a story of “The Gay Buckeroo” when inside the story is of “The Bold Buckeroo.” With great art by the legendary George Tuska. My personal favorite story in the book is of Mustang Jack. It’s a very cool mix of wholesome, old fashioned cowboy ways that has a very violent streak to em’. Kill em’ with a smile.

The Roundup

It’s been covered by most of the online news sites as you’ve probably seen. The comic book business has lost one of it’s greatest pioneers at the age of 91, Martin Nodell of Golden Age Green Lantern fame.

I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with and spending time with Marty Nodell through the years and he always had a story to tell and never failed to make you laugh with his sense of humor and honesty. Marty was a true legend and a character to boot. He will not only be missed on the convention trail , but in the world of comics as well. He was a fine man and a wonderful talent.

Martin Nodell will not be forgotten this Christmas or any Christmas for that matter.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
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