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Help Save He-Man!

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Posted By: Shawn Patty

Fans from the popular site are rallying support to save the Masters of the Universe franchise in the United States.

Relaunched in the summer of 2002, the new toy line has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The new cartoon and comic have also received praise as well, and are strong fan favorites. But all of this could change.

Despite a large following with adults and collectors, the new toy and cartoon did not appear to find its intended audience with children. After numerous reports of the toy line being dropped by major retailers, no reports of new figures debuting this spring, and the cartoon airing one day a week in syndication, fans of this brand are joining together in an effort to keep Masters in production for the extensive collector community.

"Masters of the Universe is a brand that has a very large and very passionate following," says Val Staples, writer of the Masters of the Universe comic and administrative contact for "As a fellow fan, I can say without a doubt that the huge Masters fan base has been dreaming about this kind of relaunch for over a decade."

Mattel has a history of producing toys that are primarily child-oriented. And thankfully this has struck home with international markets, as both children and adults appear to be taking to the relaunch. But Masters in the U.S. has not been as fortunate. And since Mattel does not specialize in collector-oriented toys, fans fear that Masters may be gone for good in the U.S.

"We know this line would have a long and successful life in the U.S. as a collector and fan-oriented brand." added Staples. "The fans won't stop until Mattel realizes this." has started an online petition as one way of sending Mattel their message. The petition is just one of a few measures they have planned to let Mattel know about their love for this property.

"We take this very seriously. Masters is our passion. It's just as important to us as the hobbies and collections embraced by millions of others," says Staples. "We set out to create a petition that proudly displays the names and comments of every unique Masters fan and their love for this property. We hope our efforts might ensure that fans across the globe will look forward to not only new toys, but new cartoon episodes or specials, comics, and more."

The fans of hope that other fans who enjoy Masters of the Universe will add their names to the petition, and join them in the other events to raise Mattel's awareness.

You can sign the petition at: You can track regular updates about the Masters of the Universe brand and the efforts of its fans at

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