By Beau Smith

One of the TV programs that I watch regularly is Fringe on FOX. I think the show is smartly written and has a great cast. The story telling on the show reminds me of how well Marvel Comics were written in the late 1960’s. Almost each episode is a stand alone story with continuing sub-plots that connect the entire season. I’ve found that most TV shows that I watch these days have this. (Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Leverage) It’s something that really keeps me coming back each week. I’m still one of those old school viewers that makes the time to watch. I’m not one to DVR or TiVo, mostly because I don’t have either one.

Another thing that I enjoy about Fringe is that they tell how long the commercial break is going to be. Let me tell you, I am an advertiser’s nightmare. Through years of self-reflex and training I hit the mute button the moment there’s a commercial break no matter what I’m watching. Commercials are loud, boring and offend my ears, eyes and small intellect. At some point I may invest in DVR or TiVo so that I can fast forward with impunity through the stupid jingles and the “I can’t sport wood” commercials. Even though I know ads are fuel that run the engine, I just don’t like them. Ads and on-air personalities are what have driven me away from regular AM/FM radio. I tried to listen to ESPN on the radio the other day and within 15 minutes had to turn it off. All the people on there were talking about were their own personal lives and Mike Golic waxing his back. When they quit droning on about that, they went into about ten minutes of annoying commercials. I was just seconds from driving my boot through the dashboard of my truck.

Getting back to Fringe, I take the notice about the 60 to 90 second commercial breaks as a welcomed warning. I hit the mute button, get up and know that I have 60 or 90 seconds to take care of whatever I need to do. It’s liberating. More programs ought to do it. In a perfect Beau World they would. Yes, I realize that if they all did we wouldn’t have any TV shows to watch. I know that’s not going to happen, but I can dream?while I have the mute button on.

May I never have to hear that bearded loud mouth, Billy Mays screaming at me about whatever donkey dump he’s pushing. May I never be drug into another 30 second spot where guys my age are talking about having to pee every 5 minutes and please?may I never have to sit through another ad about women and their female body problems. I just ain’t built for it.

It’s true that every once in a while there are entertaining TV ads, but not nearly enough to ever make me not hit the mute button. Me having that remote control with a mute button is like The Red Skull owning the Cosmic Cube. Beware of my power!

Busted Knuckles Babe of the Week: Zulay Henao

I was watching a new TV show that I’ve come to enjoy a lot, The Unusuals. It was the episode called “Crime Slut.” It starred actress Zulay Henao as a sexy, but deadly, psychopath that commits crimes because she is a serial bride. It was quirky, violent and offbeat. It was also a really entertaining episode and easy on the eyes because of the very shapely Zulay Henao. I suggest you check out The Unusuals web site and watch the episode “Crime Slut.” You might just become a regular viewer of the show.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover of the Week: “Cartoon Characters Gone Bad”
Painted Art By Earl Norem.

I have no idea where this painting by the great Earl Norem was published or when it was done. I suspect it was for one of the many Men’s Magazine covers that I am so fond of. If anyone out there knows where it’s from, I’d love to know.

I do know that this rates as one of my personal favorite Busted Knuckles Manly Covers. Check out some of your favorite cartoon characters gone bad as they shoot it out with the cops in this daring day time bank robbery. By looking at that loud Hawaiian shirt that Mickey Mouse is wearing I’d wager to guess that might be my buddy, Chuck Dixon under that mask.

Know that you can never go wrong when you find some Earl Norem art on the cover of a magazine or comic book. The man is brilliant and one of my favorites along with Nick Cardy and Norm Saunders. I hope you enjoy this bit of Busted Knuckles action.

The Roundup

On the subject of television shows, It’s my opinion that the current seasons of Lost and 24 are the best of the both runs. As a viewer, I’m getting a big payoff from all my time invested in the characters of Lost. Brain K. Vaughn and all the other writers have truly entertained me this season. I love the time travel, fast-forwards and flashbacks. I don’t sit and nitpick the small things of the shows. I just sit back and enjoy it like it was a big cheeseburger and a very cold beer. The casting of all guest stars and semi-regulars is just flat out brilliant. For an actor, Lostis a great place to showcase what you can do. I also think it’s going to be a wonderful springboard for so many of them.

Like Lost, 24 has been a full throttle, go for the throat ride that just gets better with each episode. Again, I don’t nitpick the small stuff or plot holes. The action and fast moving story is just too good to stop and whine about the little things. There aren’t enough really good shows on TV to try and tear down one of the best things being offered. The Coto Brothers, Juan Carlos and Manny, that co-produce and write 24 show that high impact action/story telling can be done and done well on TV if you have the passion. If you see their name attached to a TV show then you can bet it’s going to be well worth your time.

With Life On Mars – another favorite of mine – now over, I’ve started to watch The Unusuals on ABC after Lost. I’m very happy with the way the show can mix comedy and drama week after week without going over the top. It’s worth your time to check it out. Great casting on this show really helps out.

I hope you find something on TV that you can enjoy and help forget about all the politics, pundits and pecker heads that are trying to take up way too much time on your TV screen.

Remember, the mute button is your friend.

Your amigo,

Beau Smith
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