Just for fun, because that’s what this column is all about, I’m going to list several characters, major and minor, who made an appearance in a DC comic published in February, 2005. For each entry I’m making the connection to his or her namesake as they appeared thirty years ago in 1975.

Adam Strange. In 1975, the planet Rann’s main man married his sweetheart, Alanna of Ranagar, in Justice League of America #121.

Aquaman. The Sea King took over the lead slot from The Spectre in Adventure Comics #441. He also appeared in Justice League of America.

Batman. The Caped Crusader was doing just fine, solving mysteries and battling his foes in the pages of Batman and Detective Comics. He also teamed with various DC superstars in The Brave and the Bold, with Superman in World’s Finest Comics, and appeared in Justice League of America.

Black Canary and Oracle (Birds of Prey). Black Canary teamed with Green Arrow in rotation with The Atom in the back of Action Comics, and also appeared in Justice League of America. Oracle was Batgirl at this time, teaming with Robin as the Dynamite Duo in the new Batman Family. She also joined with Supergirl to battle Cleopatra in Superman Family #171.

Blackhawk (brief appearance in Superman/Batman #17). The Blackhawks were awarded their own title after a seven year hiatus in October of 1975.

Catwoman. Catwoman battled the Dark Knight in Batman #266.

Deadman (Guest appearance, Nightwing #103). In 1975 Deadman made guest appearances in the last three issues of The Phantom Stranger.

The Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol were in their seventh year of being dead, and made no new appearances in a DC comic in 1975.

The Elongated Man (making a post-pre Identity Crisis appearance in JLA: Classified #4). Ralph Dibny appeared in rotation with Hawkman and Robin in the back of Detective Comics.

The Flash. As Kid Flash, Wally Wood teamed up with Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, in the Scarlet Speedster’s own book. Barry appeared in Justice League of America, and also teamed with Batman in The Brave and the Bold #125.

Green Arrow. The Emerald Archer resided in the back of Action Comics and also appeared in Justice League of America.

Green Lantern. Green Lantern Hal Jordan starred in his own feature in the back of The Flash, appeared in Justice League of America, and had two issues of DC Special devoted to his earlier adventures.

The Haunted Tank (brief appearance, Superman/Batman #17). Jeb Stuart and his crew of The Haunted Tank were a lot more popular in 1975, starring in G.I. Combat.

Hawkman. Hawkman returned to the JLA after a year’s absence, and also appeared in rotation with Robin and the Elongated Man in the back of Detective Comics.

JLA (Justice League of America). The Justice League of America had its own title, of course, and also appeared in the Supergirl story in Superman Family #171.

JSA (Justice Society of America). The JSA joined with the JLA for their annual summer team-up in Justice League of America #123-124, and appeared in their own series beginning in All-Star Comics #58.

Legion of Super-Heroes. The LSH appeared with Superboy in Superboy Starring the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Losers. The original Losers appeared in Our Fighting Forces, written and drawn by the King, Jack Kirby.

Manhunter. In First Issue Special #5, Kirby provided his own take on a character he produced with Joe Simon back in the 1940s.

Metamorpho (appearing in Doom Patrol #9). Metamorpho had one last solo tale in the back of World’s Finest, was featured in First Issue Special #3, and teamed with Batman and Plastic Man in The Brave and the Bold #123.

Nightwing (formerly known as Robin). Robin was in rotation with Hawkman and The Elongated Man in the back of Detective Comics, and teamed with Batgirl in Batman Family.

OMAC: One Man Army Corps (Solo #3, by Paul Pope). The last four issues of Kirby’s OMAC: One Man Army Corps were published in 1975.

Outsiders. There was an Outsiders back in 1975? There sure was, and they were the weirdest Outsiders of all. They appeared in First Issue Special #10.

Richard Dragon. The kung-fu craze was well on its way out, but that didn’t stop DC from publishing the first issue of Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1 in January of 1975. The series lasted a remarkable two and a half years.

Sgt. Rock (brief appearance in Superman/Batman #17). Like The Haunted Tank, Sgt. Rock and Easy Company were a lot more popular, therefore seeing more adventure, back in 1975. Rock appeared monthly in Our Army at War, and teamed with Batman in The Brave and the Bold #124.

Seven Soldiers of Victory. The Seven Soldiers of Victory had adventures published in 1975? Really? Really. For a few months in the back of Adventure Comics.

Superman. Superman, like Batman, was all over the place: his own title, Action Comics, World’s Finest Comics, Superman Family, and Justice League of America.

Superman/Batman. The World’s Finest team appeared in World’s Finest Comics, rotating with their notorious offspring, The Sons of Superman and Batman.

Swamp Thing. The muck-encrusted mockery of a man was still going strong in his own title. He even teamed with Batman in The Brave and the Bold #122.

Wonder Woman. Though no longer a member of the Justice League of America, Wonder Woman was earning her way back into its ranks in her own book.

There you go. Everything old is new again. I was thirteen/fourteen-years-old when reading the adventures of my favorite comic book characters in 1975. I’m forty-three now, and I’m still reading their adventures, not only in the golden old, but in the glorious new!

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Jim Kingman is a writer for Comics Bulletin