We’re back with a look at Panel Exploration, the inaugural event from Omaha Bound and Tim Benson!

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Benson started Panel Exploration as a way to foster more growth and communication in Omaha’s burgeoning art scene, bringing creators like Stan Sakai and Phil Hester to town for discussions and workshops.

We discuss their first event and what Benson hopes to do for the future, as well as the book club’s Pick of the Week in the form of Usagi Yojimbo!

This week we talk about Volume 18 of the long-running series, titled Travels with Jotaro. If you’ve never read a page of the classic Usagi Yojimbo before, don’t be afraid! This comic is perfect for new readers, so dive right in!

Tim on Usagi Yojimbo v18:
“It really is something you can just pick up. It didn’t matter to me that we start with volume 8 or volume 1. So Volume 18 was just as good as any other … I kind of wanted to prove or test whether or not you could start in the middle. Sometimes you pick up a book and there’s SO much history, you feel like you’ve missed something. But I always felt in Usagi Yojimbo you just simply understood that you’re meeting a character that has history, just like when you’re meeting a new person, they have history but you don’t feel like you’ve missed something.”

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