While American politics continues its spiral toward third-world polemics, we take comfort in comics happenings across the fruited web… In one corner, Valiant?the only legit third-party superhero convention?is publishing some memorable collections; in another, fans and pros are gathering to give a boost to forefather Gene Colan; in a third, IDW is releasing Mr. Meth’s Snaked series as a trade paperback with nice extras; in our fourth… No. Let’s leave it as a triangle.

<!img src=”/meth/images/080523/Snaked-Cover.jpg” width=”200″ height=”304″ vspace=”4″ hspace=”4″ border=”1″ align=”left”>Working backwards, the Snaked collection will include my original short stories with Dave Cockrum’s illustrations along with all three controversial issues of the series, in which both W. and Mrs. Clinton get their shares of comeuppance. Sadly, I wrote this when Rev. Obama was still a wee congregant; he missed the comic’s casting call so we’ll try and find him a place in the film. I’ve already been asked to lose the baby-eating scene?apparently we need something more gruesome. How’s about a presidential election bought and paid for and determined by a corrupt legal process? In any outcome, please visit me at the IDW booth at San Diego’s ComicCon where I’ll be signing Snaked then drinking myself ugly at Dick’s Last Resort (where my rants will out-Bircher Billy Tucci’s.)

More importantly, Gene Colan has been very ill. If Jack Kirby was Marvel’s Babe Ruth, Gene was their Lou Gehrig. For you Europeans and third-worlders (is there a difference anymore?) that’s an allusion to more innings played; more time at the bat. Marvel is a house that Jack and Stan and Gene built. Fortunately, the good folks at Marvel agree and they’re helping in ways I cannot yet divulge… but significant. And you’ll see them unfold over the next few months. And I’ll be helping. In the mean time, there’s a celeb-artists/writers auction going on at my blog to help Gene and his wife Adrienne. And there’s a nifty book that I’d like you to consider purchasing to enhance the cause: Meth, Colan & Other Theologians reprises Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians, which Gene and I did for Aardwolf Publishing a decade ago. It was a Barnes and Noble “Horror Pick of the Week” when they had such programs. The new book (only available as a signed/numbered limited edition) will have two new stories that Gene and I are co-writing, and an introduction by Mark Evanier. Please visit thecliffordmethod.blogspot.com for details.

Last and somewhat least, but cool and the gang, it’s good to see Valiant’s new product. I just reread the entire X-O Manowar beginnings, thanks to the new hardcover that the company released. X-O is Iron Man meets Conan for those of you unfamiliar with the character. Sensational art by Bob Layton and a pre-Marvel-EiC Joe Quesada. Gripping story by Jim Shooter, who should never have entered politics but rather stayed in his dingy little corner writing scripts. I just love this book to pieces and you will, too.

Now back to the election coverage…

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