• Regular Busted Knuckles readers know of my fondness for the SHOWCASE PRESENTS books that DC Comics publishes. As a lifetime reader and collector of comics, the SHOWCASE PRESENTS series saves me from having to dig out my collection to walk down memory lane or check on reference for a character I may be pitching. Recently, DC released SHOWCASE PRESENTS WONDER WOMAN Volume 1. Well over 500 black and white pages of weird and wacky tales from Robert Kanigher with one of the most incredible art teams ever, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito. Andru and Esposito were not only known for being the iconic team on Wonder Woman, but they also made their mark at Marvel Comics with their power packed work on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as well.

    This thick as a brick book takes you from 1958 through 1960. When you look through these early pages you can see where artists like Darwyn Cooke and Adam Hughes got some of their influence. The stories in this volume have things so strange you’d think you were reading a Vertigo book. The difference is here the stories don’t have distracting political or sexual overtones that take away from the characters. Plus?these stories make sense. You’ll get to see all sorts of stuff, Mer-Men, dinosaurs, aliens, A walking Sphinx with laser beam eyes, gangsters and space ships. The entertainment is endless. It will be the best $16.99 that you’ve spent in a long time. http://www.dccomics.com

  • In November Moonstone Books will unleash ZOMBIE-PROOF #2 by J.C. Vaughn and Vincent Spencer. The two-fisted tales of power tools vs Zombies continues as the story’s hero, Billy Bob Driwahl, finds out just how much manly mayhem he can cause with a hammer, a nail gun and a whole lotta duct tape.

    Moonstone has added some cover fun to this release with some variant covers. Variant covers A & B will ship 50/50 Cover A is by series artist Vincent Spencer who did a wonderful design layout that will catch a lot of eyeballs on the shelf. Cover B (for Beau?) is done by Billy Tucci who is known for his covers of beautiful women. Here, with the little help of a model that Busted Knuckles readers know all too well, Billy shows that he can also deal out the testosterone as well. Noted fantasy artist, Adam Bray comes to comics for the first time and colors this BEAUtiful cover over Tucci’s art. Cover C is the convention sketch edition. There will only be 250 of these limited books. It features Billy Tucci’s pencils and will only be available at The Big Apple Con in New York City November 16-18, 2007. J.C, Billy and Vincent will all be in attendance to sign these comics for you. I’m sorry to say that a certain model for the covers won’t be there this trip, but you may stagger into him at a local bar near you or perhaps in a gutter somewhere.

    Issue #3 of ZOMBIE-PROOF promises a huge ending and quite a few surprises. There is a lot of interest from the folks in Hollywood on Zombie-Proof at the moment. I suggest you get on board before someone accuses you of being a bandwagon jumper. Check ZOMBIE-PROOF out at http://www.moonstonebooks.com and tell em’ Beau Smith-Male Model sent you.

  • Speaking of Beau Smith, (and I do all the time) I recently became a “Nationally Known Stripper”. No doubt this news appeared in your daily paper. You’d find it in the comic strip section. On October 12th, 2007, I appeared in the long running daily comic strip, REX MORGAN, M.D. I guess you could call it a cameo. There in bold black and white you can see my manly mug taking up way too much space as a guy standing out in front of a sporting goods store. The small town I live in , Ceredo, West Virginia, gets some ink as well because it’s name is on my ball cap. How did this happen you ask? Well, my long time friend and artist, Graham Nolan, thought it would add to my ego and legend if he stuck me in a panel of the strip. Graham and I go back to our days at Eclipse Comics where he inked one of my first comic book stories called DOGS OF DANGER with Beau LaDuke-Real Man.

    Most of you know Graham from his work at Marvel and DC Comics. Graham was one of the co-creators of the legendary Batman villain BANE. Graham’s work includes long runs on Batman, The Atom, The Phantom and many more of your favorite superheroes.

    Coming up in the very near future you can catch some of Graham’s latest work for Marvel in their MARVEL ADVENTURES comics as he does IRON MAN the way he should be. You’ll have to check that out. Keep in mind, you may not have seen the last of me in comic strips yet. I may show up in your daily paper again. Remember, my other good amigo and COBB artist, Eduardo Barreto is also the daily artist on JUDGE PARKER. Beware.

  • Currently I am working with a new artist that is catching a lot of buzz with peers and publishers. His name is Marlin Shoop. Marlin is a Kubert School alumni and is working with me on a new comic book project based on film action star, CYNTHIA ROTHROCK. Marlin has an incredible pencil style that is steeped in detail and storytelling. He’s also a natural with action due to his martial arts background. I thought I would share a brand new art piece that Marlin penciled of Batman. The inks are by Mark McKenna (Countdown, JLA, Teen Titans, Dogs Of Danger, Spider-Man) who is the inker on our Cynthia Rothrock project and the coloring is done by Jason Lambert who is the colorist on the book.

    You’ll see and hear more about Marlin Shoop very soon as I unleash more news on our CYNTHIA ROTHROCK project and other exciting stuff. Check out Marlin’s site at http://www.myspace.com/marlinshoop.

  • Last week 30 DAYS OF NIGHT was the #1 movie in the country just as I predicted months ago. It beat out a lot of sour-puss “adult” movies that make more depression than an H-Bomb in the desert. I’m very happy for long time amigo, Steve Niles. This has been a long time coming and he as certainly paid any dues that anyone would think he had to pay. The ever jolly, Ben Templesmith’s art and creativity is being shoved into the spotlight and that’s a great place for it to be. I’m also happy for Ted Adams and everyone at IDW Publishing for continuing to believe in projects that have something to say and that are entertaining.

    The movie is without a doubt one of the scariest vampire/horror films I’ve ever seen. The contrast of snow and blood makes for nightmares to come this winter. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you do so. If you’re into Halloween then this is the time of year for you to scare yourself. Oh, and make sure you look for the burly character named Beau in the movie. He might remind you of someone.

  • Remembering. That’s what I did yesterday when my one time boss and mentor, Dean Mullaney sent me a very recent photo of himself and our long time friend, Chuck “Don’t call me the Silver Wookie” Dixon. Dean, who now lives in the Florida Keys, was traveling back home and stopped in the Tampa Bay area to have lunch with Chuck and talk not only about times at Eclipse Comics, but some of the new projects they had going as well. You might have heard that Chuck is now writing ROBIN as well as BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS for DC Comics. As you know, Chuck is one of the most professional writers in the industry. He has yet to miss a deadline and is always months ahead of schedule. So I don’t think you can expect any Spider-Man like lateness from him.

    They also talked about Dean’s latest project at IDW Publishing Milton Caniff’s TERRY AND THE PIRATES collection of strips. (in order) This is a huge book and done with the most exquisite formatting and quality in comics today. It is packaged under Dean’s new imprint LIBRARY OF AMERICAN COMICS. It is truly a book that should be on everyone’s shelf that loves comics and the history of them. You can check that out at http://www.idwpublishing.com.

    Dean was on his way back from the SPX convention in Maryland. It was the first convention Dean had done in 12 years. There he met up with some other long time friends of Beau such as the lovely Diana Schutz from Dark Horse and the not so lovely Bob Schreck from Vertigo/DC Comics. Dean also had the chance to hook up with his former art director at Eclipse Comics, Chris Pitzer, who is the genius behind AdHouse Books. (Note that Chris is also a native West Virginian.) All in all it was a good time for Dean as he reconnected with an industry that he not only loves, but helped progress in creator rights through his work at Eclipse Comics.

    Busted Knuckles Manly Cover Of The Week

    Planet Of Vampires
    Issue 1
    Atlas Comics 1975

    Cover art by Pat Broderick and Neal Adams
    Story by Larry Hama.

    What a wonderful book that is known by few. Planet Of Vampires was top notch action/adventure, horror and sci-fi all in the perfect blend. It was like a great movie that someone was smart enough to put to print. Atlas comics weren’t around very long, but they sure made an impression while they were here. Top notch artists and really interesting characters. As many of you know, I’ve been trying to find a way to get the Atlas line back out there for many years. I hope one day to find a way to make this happen. Not only do today’s reader’s need to see this stuff, but there is a canvas just waiting for new stories of these fun characters.

    Busted Knuckles Babe Of The Week

    Sarah Shahi
    – actress

    Last week I told you about how the new NBC show LIFE is the best of the new Fall season. Well, it continues to get even better with every episode and puts all the other new shows face down in the dirt. Another reason I like the show is because it is gonna be a major springboard for actress Sarah Shahi who plays detective and recovering drug addict Dani Reese on the show. LIFE has given Sarah the perfect place to show what a really good actress she is and her vast amount of range. She’s Texas born and raised with a resume that includes The Sopranos, Sleeper Cell, Supernatural and Alias. She is beautiful beyond belief, but in LIFE they keep her beauty low key and realistic to her job, but slowly unpeel layers to her character that leave you dying to know more. I highly suggest you catch LIFE to see what a great actress Sarah is. Today I’m providing the eye candy part.

    The Roundup

    Well this weekend I headed down to North Carolina for a family wedding. (I’m not much on wedding and funerals.) It was a quick trip across borders. Left in the morning and back early Saturday. Too much to do here, so there’s no time to lay around out of state.

    Crummy weather here. Rain, cold and gloomy. I know everybody needs the rain, but I still don’t like it. Least favorite weather of all.

    I’ll see all of you here next week. Bring some friends with you.

    Your amigo,

    Beau Smith
    The Flying Fist Ranch
    P.O. Box 706
    Ceredo, WV. 25507

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