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Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Chad Cicconi
Color Artist(s): Meredith Moriarty
Cover Artist(s): Chad Cicconi (regular cover), Ron Frenz/Chad Cicconi/Ross Campbell/David Bednarski (connecting variant cover)

Virtue has arrived in Midnight Tiger’s hometown of Apollo Bay! But is that really him? Heroes don’t kill, right? Get ready for the fight of the century as Virtue takes on the Guild of Pain! And finally it can be told…the origin of Cascade!

32 pgs. / Rated. A / FC                           $3.99 (reg.)/ $4.99 (var.)

Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-1
Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-8
Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-7
Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-6
Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-5
Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-4
Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-3
Actionverse_3 DIGITAL-2

About The Author

EIC of Comics Bulletin, author of "I Pray Hardest When I'm Being Shot At," contributor to "Best New Writing 2014" and "Joss Whedon: Complete Companion," shopper of multiple YA books