Out this week from Action Lab Entertainment (editor’s note: as someone who came late to the Princeless party, I can’t wait for this!):

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley

Artist Name(s): M. Goodwin, Jules Rivera, Quinn Larsen, Kelly Lawrence, Nancy King
Cover Artist(s): M. Goodwin

 The first volume of Princeless as it’s never been available before, in a special edition hardcover volume.  This edition includes the full first volume written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by M Goodwin.  Additionally, it includes the Skullkickers Crossover written by Jim Zub and illustrated by M Goodwin, as well as the first two Princeless short story collections including work by Jules Rivera, Quinn Larsen, Kelly Lawrence, and Nancy King.  Share the Princeless hardcover with the rebellious young princess in your family (even if she’s you!)

168 pgs. / Rated. E / FC                                                    $24.99 


Princeless_HC_REVIEW-9 Princeless_HC_REVIEW-10 Princeless_HC_REVIEW-11 Princeless_HC_REVIEW-12
Princeless_HC_REVIEW-13 Princeless_HC_REVIEW-14 Princeless_HC_REVIEW-15 Princeless_HC_REVIEW-16

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