As I mentioned last week, this is my one hundredth column for SBC. To celebrate, I’ve come up with a trivia quiz to celebrate. And, like most of the trivia quizzes I’ve created since I started using them in my old AOL chatroom, it’s based on a gimmick…

There are one hundred questions. The answers all involve numbers from 1 to 100. In fact, each number is used once and only once. In questions regarding dates, only the last two digits are part of the answer. When a question asks for a magazine title, the issue number is obviously a key part of the answer.

So print out this page, get out your pencil, and see how well you do…

1. A short-lived SHOWCASE series placed a Manhunter in what 21st century year?
2. A Warren title changed its name in 1980, then was canceled before its original title was reached; what was the new “year”?
3. Eclipse’s R.O.B.O.T. Battalion saw action in the year 20_____.
4. George Orwell’s novel gave its title to what Warren magazine?
5. If you use The Flash as the first, what year marked the beginning of the Silver Age?
6. In 1996, Entity Comics told the tale of a snowman in what year?
7. In what year did SUPERMAN FAMILY end its run?
8. In what year did the 10c price of comics finally rise to 12c?
9. Infinite earths died when the Crisis occurred in what year?
10. When did DC buy Wildstorm?
11. After the 50c plateau, to what price did comics rise?
12. Captain Storm lost his leg when what boat sank?
13. Classics Illustrated featured a perhaps not-so-classic story about how many Guardsmen?
14. Excluding the covers, how many pages are there in a standard comic book?
15. Hal Jordan was also a Green Lantern in what far future century?
16. How many came from Sirius in the Epic title of the same name?
17. In 1961, a Dell comic told tales about being THIRTEEN (GOING ON ____)?
18. In brightest day, in blackest night, just how long will that charge last?
19. In proclaiming page counts, only two included the covers; one was 100, what was the other?
20. LITTLE DOT DOTLAND ran for how many issues?
21. Name the son of Jon ST-94.
22. Sandman and Medusa were two of the members of what group of villains?
23. Sounding like a hand you might want to have in a game of poker, this group of flyers debuted in ACTION COMICS #1; name them.
24. The DC Woodchucks produced how many issues of AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS?
25. The Guardians divided the universe into how many hundreds of sectors?
26. This “Ghost Breaker” was often at odds with the Phantom Stranger; name him.
27. What is the answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Everything?
28. Where were the DC offices before they moved to 666 Fifth Avenue?
29. WORLD’S FAIR COMICS boasted how many “pages in full color”?
30. “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate” brought a comics icon into being in what issue?
31. “The sensational character find of 1940” burst on the scene in what magazine?
32. “Your two favorite heroes” first joined forces in what issue?
33. Alan Scott discovered a magical lantern and adopted his heroic identity in what magazine?
34. Battling Byth, the Silver Age Winged Wonders debuted in what issue?
35. Ben Parker was killed in what magazine?
36. Did you read my column last week: where did the Earth-1 and Earth-2 Supermen first meet?
37. Doc Magnus’ band of amazing robots debuted in which issue of a DC tryout series?
38. Donald Blake first found the hammer in what magazine?
39. Harvey Dent was splashed in the face with acid in what magazine?
40. Henry Pym put on his costume for the first time in what issue?
41. In what issue did Harry G. Peter draw his last tales of the Amazon Princess?
42. In what issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA did Carter Hall’s alter ego join the team?
43. In which issue did the Silver Surfer first fly into the Marvel Universe?
44. Originally a one-shot character, Dolphin debuted where?
45. Pete Ross made his first appearance in what magazine?
46. Red Sonja made her comics debut in which issue of CONAN?
47. Stanley and His Monster took over the title of a pair of funny animals; in what issue did the boy and his big ugly pal debut?
48. Starro the Conqueror united the World’s Greatest Heroes in which magazine?
49. STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES changed its name to that of its star; with what issue did that occur?
50. Tarzan’s son’s comic moved from Gold Key to DC; what was the number of his first DC issue?
51. The Chief first gathered his team in what magazine?
52. The first Bizarro appeared in what issue of SUPERBOY?
53. The King of the Sea debuted in which issue?
54. Tony Stark encased himself in metal for the first time in what magazine?
55. When ALL-STAR COMICS returned in the 70s, what issue was the first?
56. Where did the first Swamp Thing story appear?
57. Give me the product of the number of Soldiers of Victory and the original Justice League members.
58. Multiply the GEN of the Image team by the number of EC’s FISTED TALES.
59. Subtract Star Trek’s Deep Space station from Vertigo’s Bullets.
60. Subtract the year of a series about Superman’s grandson and the number of ABC’s “Top” group from THE year of Marvel’s future.
61. What is the product of Doctor Octopus’ limbs and Secret Agent X-___?
62. What’s the product of the Stooges, the Legion’s Fatal foes, and Mockingbird’s team?
63. A doppelganger of Uncle Sam is the Spirit of what?
64. Darkseid was the first DCU villain that this Chris Claremont team encountered; who are they?
65. Earthman Charlie Vicker is the Green Lantern in sector ____19.
66. For how many issues did the original run of METAL MEN last?
67. For how many issues was Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth?
68. How many brides were there in that ’96 comic from Event?
69. Myron Victor and Herman Cramer are members of what crime-fighting team?
70. Neon and the Red Bee debuted in a magazine that lasted how many issues?
71. Of the many sectors that the universe is divided, Earth is located in 28___?
72. Rose Forrest pursued what criminal group responsible for her father’s murder?
73. The DC ONE MILLION stories took place in the eight hundred ___ century.
74. What was the standard page count of a comic book in 1943?
75. Joe Kubert’s Tor debuted in a book with what title?
76. “There’s a holdup in the Bronx, Brooklyn’s broken out in fights…” began the theme of what TV show turned comic book?
77. Ali Baba shared the title with how many thieves?
78. Back before it was spelled Beijing, this movie comic talked about how long a stay in the Chinese capital?
79. Ed McBain’s novels inspired a short-lived TV series and a shorter-lived comic book; name it.
80. Many TV shows were adapted into comics in the 60s, including one which starred Robert Lansing as Frank Savage; name it.
81. Martin Landau and Barbara Bain starred in a TV series turned comic named SPACE: ___99.
82. One of James Bond’s most memorable foes got title billing in which magazine?
83. TV show detective Stuart Bailey had his offices located where?
84. War movies made great comics sometimes, like which one about an amount of time over a Japanese city?
85. A Sirius title in ’95 gave you a choice of ONE or what number?
86. Alan Moore did a pastiche of Marvel Comics in a series which took place in what year?
87. An Epic title of 1992 was about just more than a minute; name it.
88. An eye test, a spin-off of an ABC-TV news show, or a Vertigo title?
89. Daniel Clowes’ adventures of David Boring first appeared in what comic?
90. Eclipse took us to what Area in 1985?
91. For awhile DC’s annuals were issued under what blanket title?
92. Harris Comics’ 1995 title might sound like a sports score if we added “Jekyll – 36” to it; name it.
93. How many volts were there in the Top Cow comic of 1997?
94. L.E.G.I.O.N. debuted with what date attached?
95. Len Wein provided scripts for what 1996 Top Cow comic?
96. SHOWCASE was revived with a date attached to the title; what was the first?
97. The Thing joined forces with a different co-star in each issue of what book?
98. Was this 1950s Avon romance comic named for the number of tales in it… or because it took place in a tall apartment building?
99. Way back in 1945, Neal Publications delivered a funny animal comic starring what buzzing character?
100. In 2002, my age will match the year of my birth; what is it?

I’ll give you some time to ponder this quiz and will deliver the answers in a couple of weeks. Meantime, I’ll be back next week with a more traditional collection of your email and commentary.

By the way, if you haven’t yet had your fill of trivia, there’s a new question every day at my Anything Goes Trivia at

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