Other than BATMAN: YEAR ONE, have we ever seen Commissioner Gordon’s son?
— Aaron Todoroff (todoroff@optonline.net)

Tony Gordon made his debut way back in WORLD’S FINEST #53 (1951) and returned in a number of Batgirl stories in BATMAN FAMILY (#12 being the first) and DETECTIVE COMICS. My official unofficial researcher John Wells just talked about Tony in this space just two weeks ago.
And speaking of Tony Gordon…

Not a question but a comment: Back in the “Batgirl’s Brother” story, you had Tony Gordon recognize Barbara despite her mask. Had you considered the fact that if this was possible, then a LOT of other disguises in the DC world shouldn’t have been working as well as they did?
After all, if Batgirl’s mask doesn’t disguise her identity, what’s up with Clark Kent’s glasses?
— Glenn Simpson (glennsim2003@yahoo.com)

Well, Glenn, I have to say that there are plenty of times that I’ve taken off my glasses and nobody’s been puzzled about who I am. In fact, I shaved off my mustache and took off my glasses and nobody’s been fooled.
A friend of mine had laser eye surgery (thereby eliminating her need for glasses altogether) AND changed her hair color and, guess what, I still recognized her!
Reading comic books requires a “suspension of disbelief” or you’ll never get past the first page. Clark’s glasses work as a disguise because, well, they just DO. Same for Jay Garrick’s hat or Hal Jordan’s mask. In the real world, Lois, Lana, Perry, Jimmy and any number of other people would know Clark is Superman; in the DC Universe, they can’t figure it out.

I love the DC Archives additions, and all of the recent Superman questions got me wondering if any of your current DC contacts (you still have some, right?) have given you any idea of when and if a SILVER AGE SUPERMAN ARCHIVES series will begin?
— Unsigned

There are no plans for a SILVER AGE SUPERMAN ARCHIVES in the near future. I’d guess that it would take some time for them to decide exactly where to start (though I’ve heard a number of arguments for different points and they all make some sense).
Frankly, I’d rather see a SUPERMAN IN WORLD’S FINEST companion set to the recently-issued BATMAN IN WORLD’S FINEST, but that hasn’t been scheduled either.

When and where did Hawkgirl become Hawkwoman? We’re busy discussing it on DC’s Wonder Woman board: http://dcboards.warnerbros.com/files/Forum40/HTML/012326.html
I’m thinking Steve Englehart’s JLA run, someone else reckons Tony Isabella and a third guy says it was some chap named Rozakis in WORLD’S FINEST — in the words of Ms Pitstop, HYALP!
— Martin Gray (martingray1_@hotmail.com)
P.S. How about getting the price guide people to take an ad on your page, then people can look for their issue valuations there and the rest of us can enjoy your usual column’s worth of entertainment?

It was during an disagreement with Police Commissioner Emmett that Shiera first announced that she wanted to be called Hawkwoman. This took place in WORLD’S FINEST #273 (1981) in a story written by that Rozakis chap.

There are two things I’ve been meaning to ask you about:
First Thing: In the Foreword to ALL-STAR COMICS ARCHIVES #8, Roy Thomas states that the artist of the Batman chapter in ALL-STAR #36 is a mystery. Do you know why this is? To my untrained eye, it looks like Irwin Hasen.
He drew nearly every other chapter in #36. The Batman figures in the story’s opening and closing seem to match the Batman figures in the chapter. That he’d ape Jerry Robinson for a chapter isn’t odd especially since he’s aping Joe Shuster et al in the Superman chapter.
Hasen seems like the obvious conclusion so I’m obviously missing some facts here.

Second Thing: I found a 1943 Bazooka Joe bubble gum comic strip in a compost heap on a friend’s farm. How much is this worth? Will cleaning it reduce its value? Do they make slabs this small? (Ok, I made that second thing up ’cause it amuses me all the questions you get about comics’ worth.)
Keep up the great work, Bob! I read and enjoy your column every week.
— Ed Bebee (ejb@upstartx.com)

I suspect the reason that the artist’s identity is a “mystery” is that there is no written information in DC’s files identifying him. In many cases, there are old files and even old pay stubs that enable them to identify writers and artists, but that would seem not to be the case here.

Do you know where I might be able to purchase any Tex Blaisdell original art? I was a student of his at the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and was surprised to see the question about him on your website. He was a great artist & instructor…and he told some of the funniest tales I have ever heard. Thanks!
— Eddie McKee (ghsboom9@aol.com)

Tex spent a number of years doing his inking in the DC artists’ bullpen and was always a lot of fun to talk to. As for purchasing some of his art, I’d have to suggest eBay and similar sites.


Regarding the question about the value of Pokemon “PokeTrivia cards: I recently bought a great deal of them from someone who said I can double my money, and now I think I got suckered!
— Mary (christy6315@yahoo.com)

Well, you CAN double your money if you can find someone who will buy them from you for twice as much as you paid for them!

The Yellow Claw, Fu Manchu and even the Mandarin all appeared in a single IRON MAN storyline (although Fu was a cameo): Mike Friedrich’s “War of the Super-Villains” series that ran around #70 of the original series.
— Otto Chelman

There is an online price guide. I’ve never used it and can’t vouch for it’s validity, but it’s at:
— Malvin (malvinv@yahoo.com)

…Love the column, and hopefully this will be able to help you out.
There is one web site that does offer on-line comics pricing – www.comicspriceguide.com . As with most price guides, it varies from one source to another (i.e. prices are normally lower than Wizard’s monthly guides). The site offers up thousands of titles from several publishers and may help readers with some of those more obscure titles you get asked about.
Anyway, keep up the great work.
— Dan (danjgriffin@hotmail.com)

…www.comicspriceguide.com has been around for a couple of years at least. I would say the prices of the books are comparable to Overstreet.
— Danny Morales (djmo69@hotmail.com)

…There are http://www.comicspriceguide.com/ and http://www.nostomania.com/ to name two. But these are only estimates. As you always say, comics are only worth what someone will pay you for them.
— Bob Buethe (bobbuethe@hotmail.com)

Thanks, guys. I checked out both sites (and signed up for free memberships).
I quickly discovered at Nostomania that I am sitting on a gold mine. Mint condition copies of the twelve issues of ‘MAZING MAN are valued at more than $28 each! (In Near Mint, however, they drop to $3.55 apiece. And someone on the comicspriceguide site is selling a copy of #5 in Good condition for 48c!)
Seriously, though, after a quick perusal of the two sites, I can suggest either or both as places to check for the potential value. But, as Bob Buethe reminds you, the comics are really only worth what someone else will pay you for them. (So… who wants to buy some Mint copies of ‘MAZING MAN?)

I am in the process of putting together a TV variety show. It involves a lot of music that includes bands playing. I need to know how to script that for TV. Do I need to take up pages in the script saying “band playing” or can I just write once that the band plays and be done with it?
— Matt Grenier (eniergray@yahoo.com)

Gee, I guess that would depend on how much the people involved need to know that the band is playing.

Can I buy a look-alike Batman costume from the first Batman movie? You know, the one that’s made out of rubber. If so, please tell me. Thank you.
— Dustin (dustysaw7@excite.com)

I’m sure that you can buy just about anything if you have enough money.

Please don’t have angels or any other symbols of Heaven swear in your comic strip. It is EXTREMELY disrespectful and inexcusable. Thank you.
— Nathan Walz (Simboy60)


I can’t figure out the code for Captain Comet 2. I have the little pamphlet but I don’t know what they mean by Captain Comet code sheet. I can’t find it. Can you tell me the code?
— Julie Carlson (Juliec9828)


Hi Bob,
Your name looks like Greek. Are you a Greek?
— Giannis Koukoulas (gkouk@hotmail.com)

My paternal grandparents arrived in the United States from Greece ninety or so years ago.

Do you guys have a store in Winston-Salem, NC?
— Rob Newton (robnewton2@msn.com)

“We guys” (assuming you mean the folks here at Silver Bullet) don’t have any stores. Try the Comic Shop Locater Service at 1-888-COMICBOOK.

Writing from England. I am a former film editor toying with the idea of trying to produce a program featuring B Actors and Actresses who worked a lot during the 1950’s and 60’s.
A sort of “What happened to them, are they alive, are they still working etc.” I would like for example to find out more about Karen Steele who worked a in quite a few westerns. Any ideas?
Many thanks,
— Gerry [kliman (mail@linklinecrew.com)]


What is the largest fresh water lake in the world? I say Lake Victoria…
— Sue Swinson (myrtmuff@aol.com)

And I say Victoria is #2, behind Lake Superior!

This is not a question. It is a comment. I find Mark Britt to be so handsome and fascinating. Okay I guess it is a question; is he married or seeing someone?
— Gloria A. Davis (blsdbythebest7@aol.com)

When did this column turn into “Walter Scott’s Personality Parade”?

When and where was the first instance of Stan Lee using the exclamation “Excelsior!”?
— Jason Brice (jasonb@es.co.nz)

Probably upon receiving a package containing a fragile item that was packed with lots of wood shavings!

And you too can exclaim “Excelsior!” (or “Sacre bleu” or “Odds Bodkins!” or anything else you want) when you know the answer to my daily Anything Goes Trivia at www.worldfamouscomics.com. Check it out…and come back here next week for more of whatever it is I do around here.

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