So, I did my first instore signing on Wednesday.

Credit can be laid directly at the feet of fellow SBC contributor Markisan Naso, who invited me to visit his supplier of choice, Quintessential Comics in Glendale Heights, IL. And seeing that my boy Markisan is one of the coolest dudes walking, we had to make it happen. Spent an entire day just chillin’, hanging with him and store owner Barry Halperin, signing books, and talking about comics. Still not completely used to the idea of being “behind the table,” giving other people tips on breaking in, but the whole experience was really cool, and I have a few pictures to prove it. Check it out, along with a particularly important parting message. Special thanks go to Barry Halperin and Markisan Naso again for putting the whole thing together.

Okay, June marks the release of my very first graphic novel collection, hopefully to be the opening salvo in a very long list, and obviously, I’m willing to do everything within my power to see that it does well. Especially considering that it binds together my four-issue stint with the Fantastic Four, and there’s a certain potential blockbuster that’ll be hittin’ a few weeks after its release. Will likely be more and more mentioned about this in the coming weeks, but for right now I just want to direct you to the Amazon link right above my index bar, and to Discount Comic Book Service which is offering the digest at the attractive price of $3.99. Too good to be true, you say? Saw it with my own eyes right here:-

As always, the support is much appreciated, and stay tuned for further details. Apologize for the short column, but as of next week, I’ll be hitting you folks on a weekly basis for a little while again. See you then, and thanks.


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