By Beau Smith

Now and then when writing Busted Knuckles I tend to wander. I guess you could call em’ random thoughts. They are things that are on my mind at the moment or things that are going on in our fun filled world of comics that need talkin’ about, but don’t need the full detail of a whole column.

I reserve full columns for more important subjects? like talkin’ about ME!

So wander with me today, tonight or whenever you’re readin’ this column. Let’s see what kinda things are on my manly mind.

Micah Wright:

He lied. News flash – we ALL lie. Just cause we all lie it don’t make what he did right, I understand that. At least he was man enough to tell everyone he lied. ‘Sides, he could’ve lied about worse things.

Silent Majority:

Anyone that has read any of my past Busted Knuckles knows how I feel about forum posters that bitch, whine and then hide behind a screen name. Usually on a forum there are about 25 guys that always post and most of em’ are just spittin’ venom for the sake of spittin’. What I’d like to see is the silent majority that don’t post step up to the plate and tell us what’s on their minds. I’d love to see more of the guys that don’t post get on and type out their thoughts on what they like about comics. In fact, I’d be interested in hearin’ what anybody likes about comics. It’s a positive thing. Positive things are good to spread out there.

American Power:

Chuck Dixon is one of my best friends in the world. A guy that I trust 100% and always have. I know where his head and heart are. His CrossGen book, American Power, has been axed because it showed an American super hero givin’ a terrorists a fist massage. It was yanked because of a cover. No real details were even given on the content, at least not much. What happens?

All these people start kickin’ the book before it even sees the light of day. The cliché’ “Don’t judge a book by the cover” plays loud here. I just find it hard to understand how all sorts of liberal leaning books can come out and the critics call em’ “Darling.” Books where they soil the freedoms that this very country – the U.S.A. – has always fought for. Fought for those not strong enough to fight for themselves. I believe that these liberal leaning books should be published without censors. Many a brave American has fought for the rights of these liberal books.

The yankin’ of American Power tasted like censorship to me. I don’t like censorship. There are two wings of the eagle, a right and a left. The eagle can’t fly unless both wings are a flappin’. America IS that eagle. Let both wings fly.

I know that these statements are gonna be burrs under some folks’ saddles. Well, know this about me. I’m conservative about some things and liberal on others. I don’t prejudge and try not to judge all that much unless I have all the facts. I don’t like others tryin’ to shove me in a box and getting’ pissed when I step out of that box. What I’m sayin’ here is Chuck’s book should’ve gotten the chance to come out and then and only then could it be judged as a finished product by people that paid money for it, or it was given to them and had the right to love it or hate it.

“America?Love it or leave it”. I’ve never been one that thought that was right. It should be “America?Love it and fight for it.” I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative ya should both be ready to fight for a country that lets ya be what ya wanna be.

Getting Hard:

Wanna know how to spend $20.00 bucks and get your money’s worth? Then buy the hardcover book of DC Comics’ Superman Batman: Public Enemies by Jeph Loeb, “Irish” Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines. A beautiful book and done up in hardcover the way it should be. “Irish” Ed draws comics the way they should be. He has an open “in your face” style that is the best of traditional comics and modern. This is a book you can be proud to have on your bookshelf. There are some great behind the scenes stuff of Ed’s art in the book as well. Pony up the money and get happy.

Back Up:

Do me a favor. This week when ya go to your favorite comic store buy a comic book out of the quarter box. By a back issue that is more than 5 years old. Take an inexpensive risk on something old. I think you’ll really be surprised at the fun you’ll get from a back issue. It’ll also give ya a little insight to the history of comics. Knowin’ what has come before is something that I think more of us ought to do. Know the history of comic books. Hell, buy a Lois Lane comic. Buy an Archie comic?.just buy a comic. Have some fun. I’m all into fun in comics. I want you to be as well. Tell em’ Beau sent ya.

37 Cents:

While I’m spendin’ your money?I want ya to give up 37 cents. The price of a stamp. As you may know most comic book publishers aren’t printin’ letter columns anymore. Sad situation, but those are the cards that have been dealt to us. So here’s what I’d like ya to do. This week when ya go to your comic store and buy all the stuff I’ve already told ya to buy, plus your regular comics, do this – go home, read those new comics and then write a letter of comment to the editor and assistant editor of that comic. Not an email, but a real honest to goodness letter. Tell em’ what ya liked and didn’t like about the comic.

Be civil of course, but let em’ know what ya thought. Granted, your letter won’t see print, but you will get the editor’s attention. Thing is, if no one else is writin’ then your letter is really gonna hit home. It’s gonna have more impact than postin’ on a forum or emailin’ a letter. Trust me, the editors aren’t readin’ the stuff on the web. Put a real letter in their grubby paws and you will be noticed. I promise ya that. You’re talkin’ to the guy that wrote over 400 letters to editors from 1980 to 1986. Writin’ those letters got me into the comic book business. Maybe it’ll do the same for you, amigo.

FREE Stuff From Beau:

I’m on a roll, lemme spend more of your hard earned cash. How would you like a personally autographed, Beau Smith, Black and white, art print? How would you like it if it were FREE? It’s easy and all ya gotta do is this:

    Send a self addressed stamped envelope to me here at the ranch and I will send you a autographed, Beau Smith, Black and white art print with art by someone like Mitch Byrd, Brad Gorby or even the Fabulous Flint Henry.

    Make sure that your return envelope is big enough for an 8 1/2 X 11 inch art print.

    Also make sure that your return envelope has .74 cents (Two 37 cent stamps) postage on it.

Do that and I’ll get a cool signed print out to ya. It the least I can do for ya? after all? ya read this whole column.

Piss On The Fire:

That about does it for any random thoughts I have for this week, amigos. As always I appreciate ya hangin’ with me and puttin’ up with my bad table manners and beer burps. I hope ya come back next week. If ya do? bring your own pork rinds and Chili Cheese Fritos!

I ain’t hard to find,

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O. Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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