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Geminar #5

Posted: Tuesday, August 13, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Terry Collins, Al Bigley, Dan Schaefer, Steve Hayne, Darrell Goza, Mark Alfred, Seppo Makinken, Jonathan Gilbert, David A. Vance

Publisher: Blue Moon Comics

Wow! Geminar started off with Image and is now shifted to Blue Moon Comics! Geminar is now part of the expanding Blue Moon Comics Universe and it can't get anymore exciting than this! Geminar is a high tech space sci-fi adventure that will blow you away!! Meet the K'Trall, they love taking planets for the heck of it and it's up to Geminar to stop them! Who needs to see Star Wars again, when you have Geminar in your hands! Lloyd selects a staff of exceptional pencilers and inkers and you will not be disappointed with any of Lloyd's Blue Moon Comics. All of his comics are finely detailed and hit the mark with the artwork! Just to let you guys know that Blue Moon Comics are tops!

'Resonance' is more great sci-fi. Walk into the Nevada Stronghold that may contain bio-contaminates! There is splendid action everywhere! The art is dazzling, the story is breath-taking! You will meet one lady that you can't help fall in love with, because she can kick some major butt! Wow!

Messages Among the Stars' is more Star Wars type of action and you get to ponder out how we sent the Pioneer out to the stars to greet any alien race it may happen upon and instead we get some nasty aliens who want to give us some salvation on our souls through death! Ugh!

'The Planet Watchers' reminds me of the TV series 'Lost in Space' Meet astronaut Gary Scott as he explores a planet that may not contain any life forms due to the devastation of the asteroid. An asteroid collided with this planet killing plant and animal life in a heart beat. The change to the planet is incredible as Gary explores the planet further. As he explores he encounters an animal called the Greelok. He finds a cave with plants. He encounters an animal predator called the Charok. He finally comes across some aliens called the 'Quetocans' who he convinces to erupt a volcano to thicken the atmosphere so there is new chance for life on this devastated world! Outstanding story!

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