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Buffy the Vampire Slayer #48

Posted: Tuesday, September 3, 2002
By: Ray Tate

"Note from the Underground"

Writer: Scott Lobdell & Fabien Nicieza
Artists: Cliff Richards(p), Will Conrad(i), Dave McCaig(c)
Publisher: Dark Horse

Buffy battles on for her life and the lives of the innocent in the remains of the Initiative's conclave beneath Sunnydale University. The difference is that the hordes are those she has already beaten and before dusted. Meanwhile, Angel and Faith are hot on the Slayer's trail.

Scott Lobdell and Fabien Nicieza remain mute with regards to the central mystery, but they tease your attention with some fascinating questions that pertain to the Slayer's lineage and an unexpected ending cliffhanger. Characterization of the cast remains certain, and the story makes use of the unlimited budget of comic books when compared to the millions needed to make a television show.

Cliff Richards can pretty much phone in his artwork at this point, and yet, he, Will Conrad and Dave McCaig keep Buffy close to Sara Michelle Gellar's appearance and beat the stuffing out of her. She does not look pretty spitting up blood. Her brief battles are exciting and realistic in the way her anatomy moves. She appears to be a limber woman fighting hordes of nightmares, and this is how she should behave.

Although a woman, Buffy's poses escape the norm for comic books. The artists do not emphasize her gender, the talent instead pose her in such a way that would scare off the most cocksure vampire. Her poses thus mean something more primal in the battle.

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