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Meridian #27

Posted: Friday, September 6, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Barbara Kesel, June Brigman, Drew Geraci, Sumi Pak
Publisher: CrossGen Comics

Wow! June Brigman sure shows some amazing detail as Sephie walks into Ilahn’s private wing of his elaborate library! Very impressive and I felt like I was walking right in that room with Sephie.

The Councilors of Calidor get an eyeful when Sephie appears to them in such a shocking way. A way that displays her awesome powers. She is the Minister of Cadador and Meridian and she is not afraid to let everyone know her titles. She is a forceful leader and controls her meeting in a very thorough way. I almost have to say that she could easily become a dictator and make people bow down to her will.

At the end, I see that she takes a moment to grieve on lives that were lost, so perhaps this is all a charade to show that she is strong, but maybe not all that strong on an emotional level? Powerfully charged story that delves on the emotional psyche in all of us!

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