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Ruse #15

Posted: Monday, December 30, 2002
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Scott Beatty, Paul Ryan, Pablo Marcos, Val Staples
Publisher: CGE

Things start off a tad slow as the reader watches the every move of Simon Archard and his lady assistant Emma as they encounter little Cecil who is running an amusement park, then later seeing Simon upset over the carpenter’s work on his bookshelves. The excitement begins as Simon comes upon the Gossamer, which is like the mighty airship Zeppelin. Like the Zeppelin, tragedy strikes but I’ll discuss that later.

Judge Smythee seems quite desperate and wants Simon’s help on a blackmailer. From there the tragedy begins, as there is sabotage in the midst. It is interesting on how the escaping passengers sit on little chairs and escape on the balloons that are attached to their chair. They don’t use parachutes. The thrills hit hard as there are 2 chairs left for 3 desperate lives, that of the sabotager who has played the role of a manservant on this airship, along with Emma and Simon.

Shocking scene as the manservant falls to his death and now Simon desperately tries to save Emma and his own life. There are 3 ways to die, the fall from the airship, drowning in the sea below, or get consumed by the flames on the Gossamer. Simon has Emma take off her dress. How will this help in saving their lives? Pure adrenaline rush!

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