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Ruse #15

Posted: Wednesday, January 1, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Scott Beatty
Artists: Paul Ryan(p), Pablo Marcos(i), Val Staples(c)
Publisher: Crossgen

Simon and Emma return to Partington to discover that while things seem down, the citizenry are coping better than Gothamites. The setting is not meant to convey grim clouds of angst. Indeed, Ryan and Marcos provide ample humor: a dog snatching sausages, the entrepreneurial sense of Simon's Irregulars, Simon's retrieval of his library.

The humor pitches high when Simon and Emma return to their shambles of a headquarters and find the diminutive, bearded lady Ophelia Pressmark in charge of renovations being carried out by happy workers who are paid not only in coin but in coitus courtesy of the ladies of the evening that Simon and Emma aided a few issues ago.

Continuity becomes particularly important this issue. Scott Beatty takes a throwaway scene from an even earlier issue of Ruse and makes it the motive for a hilarious assassination attempt nearly equal to the bouts between Dreyfus and Clouseau.

Paul Ryan and Pablo Marcos whose work I don't recall seeing anywhere since Marvel produced magazines provides exquisite artwork proportionate and detailed with a period flavor. Val Staples' colors are subdued save for brilliant splashes and adds strong depth with gentle shading to the fleshtones.

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