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Ruse #15

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2003
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Scott Beatty
Pencils: Paul Ryan
Inks: Pablo Marcos

Publisher: CrossGen Comics

After a brief return to their devastated home, Simon & Emma leave Partington once again where they end up trapped aboard a doomed airship as it begins its fiery plunge to the ground far below.

A highly enjoyable adventure that managed to convince me that Scott Beatty can deliver the back and forth interplay between Simon & Emma that made Mark Waid's run on the title so engaging. This issue also marks the return of Emma's cosmetic case, which still makes for an amusing running gag. The villain of this story is also a fun idea, as we see he's a member of a group who amusingly draw upon a classic murder mystery ending. The issue also does some nice work showing us the aftermath of Lightbourne's attack upon the city, and it also offers up a pretty solid set piece for the final battle, not to mention the issue ends with a pretty harrowing cliffhanger. As for the art, Paul Ryan looks to be this book's regular guest-artist, and while his style is a little more conventional than Butch Guice, it details the story is an easy to follow manner, and the big impact moments are quite impressive, with the explosive climax to this issue being a wonderful example of how to deliver a visually exciting moment.

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