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Ghost in the Shell 2 #2

Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Story and Art: Masamune Shirow
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Nothing compares to Ghost in the Shell. This is Manga done with excellence! I was in my own 'shock and awe' when looking upon Masamune Shirow's incredible and very realistic artwork. The clone organ farm with the slaughtered pigs was absolutely horrific. Using pigs to harvest human organs is ghastly, but I remember what I once saw on the news, a rat that had a human ear growing out of its torso. It's disgusting, but this is where we are headed.

What an imagination Mr. Shirow has in this futuristic sci-fi story. Imagine a city called Pegasus that is a floating city in the Indian Ocean. The airships and mechanical drawings are done with such precision....all I could do was applaud. Not to mention the elaborate costume designs and the originality of each costume. There is plenty of sci-fi intrigue which gets the reader curious, especially when it is described in analyzing brain activity, that there are drugs all over the place and the link to E-brain activity can't be found.

I love the footnotes that detail more insight into the story. Clones, cyborgs and's all here in Ghost in the Shell - Man-Machine Interface 2 of 11! Standing ovation to Masamune Shirow!

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