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The Path #12

Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2003
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Ron Marz
Artists: Bart Sears (p), Mark Pennington (i)

Publisher: CGE

This book drops a bullet this issue I'm afraid, as it has the feel of marking time until the next story arc begins in issue #13. Given that each set of six issues comprises each trade, you would maybe have thought that there would be a big fight or plot development in issues six, twelve, eighteen etc, but here is where The Path bucks the trend, by essentially running a recap issue - Obo-San has the Weapon of the Gods, the Emperor of Nayado (his nation) is possessed by a demon, and Obo-San must decide whether to take the path of retreat and solitude and let matters proceed as they will, or whether he should take active steps in removing the Emperor and restoring peace to Nayado.

No prizes for guessing which path he chooses at the end, but in comparison with previous issues getting to that choice is vaguely dissatisfying - as if CGE decided that issue #12 should pretty much be a retread of the prior 11. Sears puts in some very nice art, there's a good range of double-page spreads to drool over, and the big plus point with this issue is that it acts as an ideal introductory issue for non-readers - why it wasn't designated a Key Issue is beyond me.

If you're a non-reader, pick it up - if you've been following it so far, prepare to mark time.

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