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Route 666 #11

Posted: Sunday, April 27, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artists: Karl Moline(p), Drew Geraci(i), Nick Bell(c)
Publisher: CGE

I'm of two minds with regard to Route 666. On the one hand, Tony Bedard makes Cassie Starkweather proactive without being necessarily a martial arts master. She's a normal girl who has a somewhat passive gift. She's tough, and she shows exactly how a young woman should act if threatened or worse. Because of this aspect she is without a doubt one of the more welcome additions to the comic book rack.

The reassurance of her sanity can partly explain her evolution of behavior is. Last issue she even gained back-up support. This issue we see them act as a team for the first time. The circus army is a fun creation, and their former military backgrounds while somewhat coincidental explains how adept they are with strategy and covert ops. I can even see how soldiers sick of killing would choose something that is the complete opposite of their former jobs as careers. Rather then kill, they meant to entertain. However, when monsters became real, they saw it as their duty to fight.

Cassie would be an ideal addition to the team, and she knits well. Her honorary status as a “lieutenant” would change the tone of the book and also give her the opportunity to travel to different places and root out more demonic posers. The way in which Mr. Bedard interrupts what looks to be a stable solution is very clever and exhibits an attention to the characterization that's visual and in the dialogue.

On the other hand, the result seems to set the book back to point one, and I've noticed that one of the drawbacks of the series is indeed a literal draw back from the next step. I am however willing to give Mr. Bedard the benefit of the doubt and see whence next he goes.

This is another Karl Moline book, and he seems to really enjoy the circus addition to the plot. The circus gives him the opportunity to draw a variety of unusual cast members and play with the mood and atmosphere. The more enabled Cassie as well as her circus performer troops allow for more action and drama which he embellishes with a scary ease.

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