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Crux #25

Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: Chuck Dixon, Steve Epting, Roland Paris, Frank D'Armata
Publisher: CGE

This issue has a cover that reminds me of an old "Life" magazine cover dating around in the 40s. What's going on with Verityn in this issue? Where has Danik taken Capricia? Danik merely says that she is serving a grand role in the events to come. about mysteries. Steve Epting does a splendid job with the penciling and Roland Paris compliments Steve with his inking. The use of shadows is amazing!

There is talk of Samandahl Rey in this issue, making the CGE Universe a little bit like a neighborhood of sorts, because we have the reality of Samandahl Rey and the reality of the Atlanteans coming more and more together. Airplanes, spaceships, spaceports and great beasts are all in this exciting issue that will leave you salivating for more!

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