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Gene Fusion #3

Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Ivan Brandon
Artist: Neil Vokes(p), Jay Geldoff(i), Giulia Brusco(c)
Publisher: Beckett

The cliffhanger from last issue is met with a strange messiness--not in execution but actual depiction--that leads to a quieter scene at an out of place, quirky western bar.

Neil Vokes, Jay Geldoff, Giulia Brusco and Ivan Brandon combine to deepen Elyssa Claremont's character. With the addition of her background, she becomes an even more sympathetic figure. The Gene-Fusion battle being the only life she has known goes a long way to explain her ignorance about the misuse of animals for entertainment: a theme that cannot help fester in the back of the reader's mind.

Scenes with Ethan, the youthful intern of the games, nicely explore other facets of her personality. She treats Ethan with kindness, but she's human enough to burst out laughing during the genuinely funny catsup incident. Her caring nature directs her hand to daub at Evan's splattered face.

The robot waiters and waitresses add a distinctive ambiance to the adventure and keep the presentation even lighter. A chance meeting sets up the more serious events for next issue.

Apart from Neil Vokes superb artwork, I didn't know what to expect with Gene-Fusion, but it's turning out to be a very pleasant surprise.

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