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DemonWars: Eye for an Eye #1

Posted: Sunday, May 18, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Creative Force: R.A. Salvatore, Scott Ciencin, Greg Tocchini, Jon Holdredge, Tad Ehrlich
Publisher: CGE

If the Multiverse would open it's portals, I would believe that the vampire known as Angel would step into this reality and try to convince Andacanavar to join Angel Enterprises in Los Angeles. Andacanavar is one heck of a great demon fighter. Demon Wars is filled with horrific fantasy and mystery. To know why it is so important to protect the god-voice is one stepping stone to understanding this incredible story.

The ruthless slaughter of Kroran the Ranger is unimaginable, but I guess anything can happen in this reality. The chills went right down my spine as the assassin came for Yatol Murgan. This is an assassin that leaves his image in your mind because of his mask and attire. Now there will be a start of a war and things will be getting a tad bit nastier. Demon Wars is definitely a story that takes you down towards a path of unknown horizons.

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