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New X-Men #140

Posted: Monday, July 7, 2003
By: Richard Vasseur

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Phil Jimenez

Publisher: Marvel

The White Queen is dead shot by a diamond bullet while in diamond form. Bishop and Sage have been called in to solve the crime. So they walk around interrogating all the suspects. The Stepford Cuckoos look like four young versions of Emma. The female Angel sure seems to have an attitude. Well, Bishop eliminates Jean as a suspect. So who killed Emma? Is she really dead? The Beast thinks he can put her shattered body back together.

Plus there has been drug dealing at Xavier's school. One of the students Beak confesses to selling them. The question is why did he do it. And where did he get them from?

Whatever happened to an X-Men comic where they just save the world from evil mutants? Where are the fantastic battles? What has happened to the X-Men? They used to be a super-hero team. Where are the super heroicks? Where are the super villians? The art is passably ok. It could use more detail though.

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