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Joss Whedonís Fray #8

Posted: Friday, August 8, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

ďAll HellĒ

Writer: Joss Whedon
Artist: Karl Moline(p), Andy Owens(i)

Publisher: Dark Horse

Buffy Ė er, I mean, Fray has been swallowed by a giant dragon monster thatís set to give birth to millions of demons (or something like that) while the Vamps, I mean, Lurks overrun the neighborhood. Itís the end of the story and you know what that means! Dramatic revelations, emotional reconciliations and lots of loose ends demanding attention from fans!

This took way too long to arrive. If it had hit back a couple of years ago Ė when the series began!!! Ė Iíd think a lot more highly of it. As it is, the story is solid, if predictable. For the most part, anyway. There is a pretty good twist about halfway through the book that took me by surprise. Maybe it wouldnít have if Iíd re-read the whole series, but those books are scattered all over the house. Anyway, I liked the surprise and it was well played. The ending is open, as expected, and promises the possibility of more adventures in this future world. That would be a welcome thing, even if someone else should probably be writing it. You know, someone with a less hectic schedule. I donít know if Iíd stick around for another series with gaps in arrival times like this.

Moline and Owens do more good artwork here. Their consistency isnít what it could be, as from panel to panel there are stylistic shifts from extremely realistic to more cartoony and whimsical work. The violence is pretty extreme from start to finish, which gives the art a more serious feel than it would otherwise. I mean, they might look cartoony, but thatís a head being ripped off! And blood is everywhere! Thereís a nice attempt to really give the reader a feel for the level of damage thatís been done by the vampires and the giant monster. Overall, fairly impressive artwork that stands up to the demands of the story. Now we see what Joss would do with a huge budget.

Final Word:
DC and Marvel could both take a few lessons in how to appeal to female readers from this title. So, go ahead. Buy this and try to track down the other seven issues. Whatís that? The TPBs been announced? Um. Well, you might as well complete your set, if youíve been reading all along.

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