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Fallen Angel #3

Posted: Saturday, September 13, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Little Better Than A Beast"

Writer: Peter David
Artists: David Lopez(p), Fernando Blanco(i), Nathan Eyring(c)
Publisher: DC

Well, that was damn interesting. What gets me about Fallen Angel is that Peter David isn't writing a single thing that overtly tries to be cool or worse cutting edge.

Fallen Angel typifies how comic books used to be written. Mr. David fills this book with excitement. He makes the hero heroic, and you care what happens to her. It's really that simple. This is how good Batman used to be written. This is how good Superman used to be written. This is how good the Justice League of America used to be written.

Innocents are threatened. Monsters prowl the streets, and the hero challenges the monsters. It's a classic formula, and there's a reason why it's classic.

Mr. David brings an economy of dialogue that ripples with power and importance, cursing that means something and a complexity in the relationships between the denizens of Bete Noir to this equation.

David Lopez, Fernando Blano and Nathan Eyring bestow a sense of cinematography that without wasting film conveys Mr. David's plotting. They direct in such a way that invisible does not become synonymous with zero budget. By the end of reading Fallen Angel I felt as if I had experienced a pulse-pounding action/horror movie thesped by a troupe of talented actors. I cannot wait for the next act.

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