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Bomber Girl

Posted: Sunday, December 21, 2003
By: Richard Vasseur

Writer/Artist: Niwano Makoto
Publisher: Raijin Graphic Novels

Bomber Girl is a black and white paperback sized graphic novel. She is a bounty hunter and extortionist. She protects people but than charges them a high amount of money and if they do not pay she'll kill them. Her weapons are super tonfa's and they can change into daggers to slice and dice. They contain sub machine guns as well Her costume is cute, big breasts, a short skirt that gives us some nice panty shots. Spikes on her bots and breasts. The ones on her breasts can turn into shoulder pad protectors. She looks cute this manga girl. Also you read this comic japanese style from back to front and right to left.

Bomber Girl (Rashomon Emi) is attacked by Slime Yataro who can turn himself into a blob of slime, after him she is attacked by Fly Girl a school girl with metal wings. Raw plucked chicken is her one weakness and touching it can kill her or so she leads Fly Girl to believe. Fly Girl lures her into a trap and Sailor Suit Denpachi attacks her. But really it was a trap set by Emi. She eats the chicken. Than uses the sub machine gun mode of her tonfa. After beating Fly Girl again, Fly Girl than decides she is more afraid of Emi than Megalith so she becomes her side kick.

The next Megalith assassin is Maldini the clown. Emi teleports her battle dress onto herself. She stabs him, shoots him and than drops the clown to his death. The next assassin Zayin leader of Megalith sends is Creamy and he has a big bird. Than Nichirin a religious leader and Megalith assassin. Creamy is hired to help Emi by the police. Emi and Joe her close friend take on Nichirin and Joe finishes him off. Emi and her 3 friends go after Zayin. She smashes into the building and finds a room full of assassins with bounties on their heads. Emi handles them all. Then goes after Zayin for the biggest bounty.

After the build up you might have expected more of a fight from Zayin. Emi kicks him through a wall. Itís about what you would expect from Bomber Girl. The End. She is drawn cute and sexy. A few panty shots, one T-back shot. This comic is done so you have fun reading it, plus you get lots of action. The villains are kind of silly but it fits the style of the comic.

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