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Simpsons Comics #91

Posted: Sunday, February 22, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"3000's Company"

Writer: Ian Boothby
Artists: Phil Oritz(p), Mike DeCarlo(i), Art Villaneuva(c)
Publisher: Bongo

Ian Boothby sends up--way up--reality shows and PBS period reconstruction shows. The Simpsons television series already beat him to the punch, but he curls his fingers in a novel way to provide Simpsons Comics with original hilarity.

From what recess of Boothby's mind did this story originate? The premise is bizarre but fits the warped world of the Simpsons. You may even wonder why did nobody think of doing this idea before Mr. Boothby apparently leaned in too close to his microwave.

The outlandish basis of the story allows for a humorous census of Springfield. The stars, second tier and third tier characters all amuse and educe laughter from the reader with all forms of humor represented.

The goofy exercise gets a jolt from Phil Oritz's sense of slapstick timing and his comprehension of the Matt Groening style. Mike DeCarlo provides inking that makes the characters stand out, and candied colors by Art Villanueva make each panel vivid.

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