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Catwoman #29

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"Under Pressure"

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Paul Gulacy(p), Jimmy Palmiotti(i), Laurie Kronenberg(c)
Publisher: DC

Hark! What yonder padding I read? Catwoman is sheer drivel. Paul Gulacy tries to involve the reader with evocative artistic superimposition of flashback. Some panels look almost like miniature paperback covers, and his work in general as usual is top notch. The story however should have ended last issue. This stretch is merely an unforgivable waste of trees meant to fill a graphic novel soon to be available at Barnes and Noble and Borders.

Ed Brubaker is simply too good of a writer not to recognize clichéd, hackneyed material. Because Catwoman inexplicably failed when pitted against Zeiss, she spars with Wildcat--who luckily, and I stress the word luckily--happens to be in her territory. This extra training somehow gives her a move she never had before, but I'd like to point out that since she was positioned too far away this new move could not have aided her last issue. In any case the whip is faster than her move, and she held a whip in her hands last issue which she did not for some reason use.

After spending time with useless training which incidentally should make her sorer than she was when she started. Wildcat really wailed on her, and even drew blood, we cut to Slam Bradley and son engaging in embarrassing soap opera antics. This is mighty lousy writing. It's the kind of dialogue one finds in a made for television movie.

When all else fails throw wacky cult members at your hero. The goons that have been trailing Selina a few issues stop by for some unwitting comedy, and if included in the graphic novel collection will likely have buyers scratching their heads.

These storytelling inadequacies fail to mask an even greater deficit. All these preparations and anxiety are caused by Zeiss, a lame, seriously lame, villain that is so typical of post-Crisis shallowness.

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