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Robin #126

Posted: Monday, May 31, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Damion Scott

Publisher: D.C. Comics

The idea that Tim would quit being Robin, and that his replacement would be Stephanie has been common knowledge for the past couple months, so the surprise factor that this big change could've had has long since dissipated. In fact the only real moment of surprise this issue has going for it is how rapidly the story gets Stephanie into the role as Batman's sidekick, as Bill Willingham skips right past all the page eating elements like the scene where we see Stephanie decides to invade the Batcave wearing a Robin costume, and Batman accepts her so quickly that even Alfred's head is left spinning. However in spite of the slapdash manner of her being given the mantle of Robin I have to say I'm genuinely excited by the idea, as her little celebration after Batman gives her the thumbs up put a smile on my face, and the simple fact of the matter is the question mark hanging over her head when it comes to her ability to hold her own in a fight against the higher calibre of villains that Batman regularly battles should act to add a sense of excitement to these future encounters.

I'm also looking forward to Tim's reaction when he learns his job has been filled, and by whom. Bill Willingham also brings in a pretty ominous secondary plot involving a hired killer who is on a killing spree, that is quite likely to bring her into direct contact with the retired Tim. As for the art, Damion Scott arrives on the book and he brings with him a high energy look that manages to bring an added sense of excitement to an issue that isn't really jam-packed full of exciting action. I also had to smile at how the art managed to capture the home-made quality of Stephanie's first costume.

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