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Green Arrow #39

Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Judd Winick
Artists: Phil Hester and Ande Parks

Publisher: D.C. Comics

Im not sure where writers got the idea that the readers enjoy endings where the entire crisis is resolved with a single action, but Id like to once again spell out the idea that I do not like these type endings; instead of providing an exciting finish, they act as a physical reminder that the writer has suddenly realized that hes only left himself a few pages to tie up all their dangling plot threads.

Now, Im sure writers love endings like this as they can build up a sense of excitement right up until the final pages, but speaking as a reader who has had suffered through literally hundreds of endings like this I have to say nine times out of ten I walk away disappointed.

This time is no exception.

This issue also has a rather goofy scene where the Green Arrow gains entry to the bad guys headquarters using a catapult, and in a bid to prove shes useful Mia decides that a good idea would be join in on the ride moments before the device fires. I mean, using a catapult to fire characters around like human cannonballs is the type of plot device where it almost feels like Judd Winick is playing a gag on the readers.

It is so inherently stupid that I found it difficult to believe that hes actually expecting us to take it seriously.

I will concede that this issue does have a nice little conversation between Oliver and Mia, where Oliver spells out the impending dangers they will be facing. In addition, the sheer brutality of the battle itself was well presented.

That said, overall this was one of the weakest efforts Judd Winick has offered up. It is a shame that the writing is so poor on this issue as artistically, it does stand up as one of Phil Hesters best efforts.

He gives the big action sequences of this issue a real sense of impact and theres a genuine tension conveyed in the scene where Oliver attempts to talk his way past the wall of demons.

The art also does a pretty fair job on the big reveal shot as we discover who fired the final arrow that effectively freed the city, and the last panel of the issue made for a powerful final image.

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