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The New Thunderbolts #5

Posted: Friday, February 11, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Call to Battle"

Writer: Fabien Nicieza, Kurt Busiek
Artists: Tom Grummett(p), Gary Erskine(i), Chris Sotomayor(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Fabien Nicieza awakens from his NyQuil induced coma. Gone! Gone O' Form of Wolverine! Arise Thunderbolts!

Nicieza with co-plotter Kurt Busiek slices and dices scenes that focus on the T-Bolts and put them back together in a satisfying melange of big explosions and comic book violence. There's something for everybody here.

You want Avengers-styled action? Tom Grummett delivers the excitement as Carol Danvers a.k.a. Ms. Marvel battles the Atlantean villains Fathom Five. The only thing missing is a good old-fashioned shout of her battle cry "Hala!"

You want the T-Bolts? This time they're here. In blockbuster super-hero fashion, the T-Bolts gather to fight the bad guys. Although some may argue that like Arvin Sloane the T-Bolts are the bad guys.

Atlas rises to the occasion. Abe Jenkins even without the Mach IV armor struggles to save lives. Reunited with his old Beetle gear--in a quick, clever compressionist manner--he takes to the air for some kick ass battle. Speed Demon proves to be more heroic than first imagined. Brave Melissa assumes her sonic enhancements and prepares to leave the hospital.

Want drama? Observe the reluctance of Blizzard. The callousness of Joystick and the suspicions developing in Melissa and Abe over Atlas' loosening hinges.

Want comedy? Though bridges crumble and fists strike, Radioactive Man becomes the gift of humor that keeps on giving. Abe and Ms. Marvel get in snatches of classic super hero banter.

Want strippers? T-Bolts has got strippers! Speed Demon, Joystick and Blizzard go to the strip joint, but don't worry moms and dads, the strippers in T-Bolts have on more clothing and have less cup sizes than Frank Cho's Shanna the She-Devil.

This is much more like it. A crappy issue for Wolverine lovers, but for the rest? Rejoice.

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