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The Walking Dead #15

Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2005
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: Image
Creative Force: Kirkman, Ablard, Rathburn
Price: $2.95
Contact Information:

Comments: The Walking Dead #15 was very intense right from the start, as one person is being told to hold the zombie's head up for a clear shot. There is so much tragedy that is happening. The survivors of this horrid reality not only have to deal with zombies, but they deal with such things like a couple having a suicide pact. This couple felt they could be together forever. Our heroes of this story need sleep, but some of them can't sleep, there is too much going on. Tyreese has seen the horror and is traumatized from it. He is mentally troubled and is acting like everything is okay, he even smiles. A man with no emotion, who has become calloused. It was horrifying to see Tyreese surrounded by zombies and taken down, as he fought for his life.

Even with the horror that is happening, a couple find time to become intimate on a barbershop chair at this prison that they hide out in. There are zombies everywhere and whenever they have to fight through a crowd of zombies, my heart races fast. I still can't get the image of Tyreese being engulfed by the undead. Another image that will stay with me, is when Shane rises from the grave, gets a lecture and then is shot in the head...yikes! I don't know if I can take anymore of this, it's giving me the willies.

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