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Space Ghost #4

Posted: Monday, February 28, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Joe Kelly
Artist: Ariel Olivetti

Publisher: DC Comics

You know, I had resigned myself to Space Ghost being a mediocre mini-series. Issues 2 and 3 didn’t deviate from the standard story formula of “cop getting revenge.” I thought this would hit all the beats and end with our protagonist becoming a hero.

Then I read this issue.

Thaddeus Bach has tracked Temple to a colony under attack by the “Bugs,” evolved praying mantis led by Zorak. Bach loses Temple in the fighting. He finds two children, Jan and Jayce. They call him “Space Ghost,” a boogeyman story their father used to tell. They help calm his anger. The guilt of his actions comes over him.

Just as I had abandoned all hope of this comic showing anything unique, along come The Bugs, Zorak as a hive mind that can possess any body, and the translator tentacle growing through Temple’s head and eye. It’s still the same formula, but it’s done damn well.

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